How a School Scored Over $2,000 When Families Stocked Up on Pizza

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young boy and girl sitting at a table biting into pizza during pizza school funderaisers

Did you know that Americans eat 350 slices of pizza per second? That’s probably why school pizza fundraisers are so successful. Gillespie Middle School in Illinois had a fundraising goal of $2,000. However, after a teacher at the school heard about Little Caesars Fundraising and brought it to principal Tara Cooper’s attention, they ended up surpassing their goal and earning nearly $2,400 by selling Pizza Kits.

“So far, we have used the funds for classroom supplies,” says Cooper. “But once we have the opportunity to take field trips again, that’s where we’d like to direct the money raised.”

Focus on what families are already buying—pizza!

Fundraisers where students need to sell candy, baked goods, and magazine subscriptions often fall short. On the other hand, a pizza fundraiser helped Gillespie Middle School successfully raise funds by selling something that families were already buying on a regular basis. They earned $6 for every Pizza Kit sold.

“We received so much great feedback from families,” says Cooper. “Some people bought a kit and liked it so much they bought again since we had a four-week window for our fundraiser.”

Kids and adults of all ages can have fun making Little Caesars pizzas together right in their own kitchens. It can even be educational. Check out this awesome pizza math activity using Little Caesars Pizza Kits.

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Getting started takes less than 15 minutes.

It only took Cooper a few minutes to get started. You can register online 24/7 or over the phone. Check out the short how-to video below for a step-by-step guide. Once she signed up, Cooper had access to a portal with helpful materials like these:

  • Easy to follow how-to videos.
  • Kick-off guide.
  • Checklists.
  • Graphics and memes for emails and social media.

The online portal also makes it easy to see progress. “I was able to track online which students were selling, how many had started and how many hadn’t, and who was in the lead for sales,” says Cooper. “Every day, I announced the top three sellers and awarded little prizes as an incentive.”

Digital ordering and direct shipping make fundraising easy and safe.

Gillespie Middle School previously ran fundraisers that involved in-person selling and hand-delivering, but with Little Caesars Fundraising, everything is digital. This means kids at Gillespie Middle School didn’t need to handle money or products. All outreach happened via email or social media, and supporters bought their pizza online with a credit card. Orders were then shipped by FedEx directly to their doors. Since there was no need to put together fundraising kits, sell door-to-door, or distribute orders, it saved time and helped everyone stay safe.

Close up of young boy and girl sitting at a table biting into pizza during pizza school funderaisers

Anyone across the country can order, which means more money for your school.

Every student at Gillespie Middle School got their own Little Caesars Fundraising page on the website. Then, all they had to do was spread the word by posting on social media or emailing friends and family.

“With a digital fundraiser,” says Cooper, “it’s easy to cast a wider net. You can easily contact people across the country to support your cause.” And this means more funds for your school!

Want to boost your school’s funds when families eat pizza?

Little Caesars Fundraising helps classroom teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, coaches, club leaders, and PTAs raise funds quickly, easily, and safely. The best part? You’ll make more money when you give families a chance to buy what they love—pizza! To learn more or get started, just click the button below.


How a School Scored Over $2,000 When Families Stocked Up on Pizza