Get Ready To Be Impressed With How This Teacher Uses Lip Smackers Balm in Her Classroom

The different scents can work wonders!

Learn how to use Lipsmackers in the classroom

Alina Bitter has figured out a genius way to use the power of smell in her kindergarten classroom. She created a TikTok video recently about how she motivates her students with Lip Smackers in the classroom. She doesn’t use it for lips, though.

When her students show they are listening or staying on task, she’ll come by and give them a quick dot on their hand with a Lip Smackers flavor. “All they do is smell it, and they’re obsessed,” Alina says. “It’s such a happy time. Simple, easy, effective. Highly recommend.”

We loved this idea so much that we decided to put together some ideas on ways you can use common flavors from this multipack. Of course, these aren’t based on science and you should definitely feel free to put your own spin on this idea, but we couldn’t help pairing up scents with common classroom scenarios. 


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During reading or quiet time, use watermelon.

Lipsmackers in the classroom Watermelon

Scent experts report watermelon is refreshing and calming. 

If you catch a student being kind, give them a dab of strawberry.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Strawberry

This scent is known to improve mood and encourage good mental health. 

See a student demonstrating a growth mindset? Use blue raspberry.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Blue Raspberry

It’s fun, bright, and good for relaxation. 

Before taking a test, try kiwi.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Kiwi

This one is good for promoting positive energy, which is perfect for test-taking. 

For a good calm-down scent, break out vanilla.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Vanilla

This one is good for mood and some say it even helps trigger happy memories. 

When a student is on task or is listening well, offer a dab of mango.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Mango

This one is good for relaxation and encouraging calmness. 

When everyone lines up nicely, use tropical punch.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Tropical Punch

If you can get students to do this regularly, then let them choose any scent they want! 

Does everyone need to let some energy out? Use cotton candy.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Cotton Candy

Sometimes you just need to move, and this scent is perfect. 

When students need a reminder to stay focused during lunch or specials, try oatmeal cookie.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Oatmeal Cookie

They already have food on the mind, so this one fits perfectly. 

For positive vibes, use piña colada.

Lipsmackers in the Classroom Pina Colada

It’s pineapple, coconut, and lime all rolled into one, and it’s a perfect uplifting scent. 

Ready to try this fun strategy? Here’s a link to the multipack so you can get started!

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See the genius way this teacher uses Lip Smackers in the classroom. It's not for students' lips. Instead, it has to do with their scents.