6 Lightbulb Moments That Can Revolutionize Your Classroom


We’ve put together a list of some great “Ah-ha” moments in education — lightbulb moments that changed the way teachers teach and students learn. Read on, and see how these ideas could change your classroom for the better.

Lightbulb moment #1:  Social Media isn’t just for fun.

Yes, Facebook and Twitter are a great for you to stay connected with your friends and family, but they also can be great tools for you to use professionally.  In fact, teachers everywhere are using Facebook and Twitter to revolutionize their lessons, their professional development and their relationships with their students.

Lightbulb moment #2: Chalkboards are so 1984.

The archetypal image of the teacher standing with the back to her classroom writing on the chalkboard is definitely a think of the past.  Now teachers can use amazing technology like interactive whiteboards, projectors, and ELMOs to present material to their students in high-definition. (And—much to the note-passer’s chagrin—while they are facing their students.)

Lightbulb moment #3: Technology is essential.

The days of the “school computer lab” and “computer class” are just about over as teachers realize more and more that technology is an essential part of every classroom, every lesson, and every subject.

Lightbulb moment #4: Books don’t have to weigh 40 lbs. 

Remember back in the day when you had to carry 20 lbs. of books around in your backpack?  (And you had to carry them all back and forth to school uphill in the snow both ways?)  Well, with the advent of e-readers, kids can upload all of their textbooks, lit books and journals onto an e-reader and carry around one simple device.  Kids these days, so spoiled.

Lightbulb moment #5: Learning is more than rote memorization.

Speaking of walking back and forth to school in the snow, remember when you had to memorize pages upon pages of random facts for tests?  Educators now know that rote memorization does little more than teach kids to memorize. Now, teachers provide hands-on lessons that allow their students to interact with the content in a way that teaches them deeper meaning and allows a stronger understanding.

Lightbulb moment #6: The world is a classroom.

Technology has made it so students have access to pictures, videos, websites, and blogs from anywhere in the world—so they are able to explore things outside of the walls of their classrooms in a meaningful way.

What lightbulb moments have you had as a teacher?  And how can you use your light bulb moments to inspire a passion for learning in your students?

Posted by Erin Macpherson

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