Worried About Students Losing Skills? This Adaptive Blended Learning Program Can Help

With options for PreK-5 and grades 6-12!

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We always anticipate learning loss over the summer, but this year, school closures could have even more of an impact on student achievement. Especially for our emerging and non-proficient readers, that’s just not acceptable. Teachers are the heart of literacy instruction, but when you can’t be one-on-one with your kids for whatever reason, resources like Lexia Learning’s literacy programs can help boost your existing lesson plans to accelerate student learning. (Fill out the form to learn more and get tips and tricks!)

Lexia Core5 Reading and Lexia PowerUp Literacy are highly-engaging adaptive learning programs that can be used remotely or in-person. They empower teachers to differentiate instruction by providing ongoing student performance data (without testing!). Teachers also have access to offline instructional resources to support struggling readers as well as reinforce skills developed online.

Core5: PreK-5

The Core5 Student Dashboard helps students manage learning goals, monitor their progress, and develop time-management skills.

Core5 “A Day at the Beach” Activity Menu. Students travel to exciting locations around the world as they complete each level in the program.

This program serves students of all abilities in the younger grades with a fun, game-like environment on a platform of explicit, systematic, personalized learning—helping them make that critical shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Core5 hits all six areas of reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. And, because it’s adaptive, it can address skill gaps as they emerge. 

PowerUp: 6-12

PowerUp Student Dashboard helps students set and manage goals and encourages them to take ownership of their learning.

One of the many PowerUp activities that provides an engaging learning environment.

PowerUp was specifically designed with older students in mind. The goal is to help struggling and nearly-proficient readers build fundamental literacy skills alongside the higher-order skills they need to read increasingly complex texts across content areas. It’s also great for secondary teachers who may not have expertise in teaching reading. PowerUp provides you with everything you need to meet individual students right where they are. Research shows that PowerUp is up to five times more effective than the average reading intervention program.

Lexia Learning wants you to be successful with their literacy programs. Sign up to learn more and for tips and tricks. 

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