2024 Leap Year Worksheets: Free Download

Celebrate the extra day we get this year!

Leap Year Worksheets Free Download
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With an upcoming presidential election, a total solar eclipse in April, and the Summer Olympics in Paris, 2024 is filled with important events. One more reason it’s a special year? It’s a leap year! Celebrate this once-every-four-years occasion with our free 2024 leap year worksheets. Just fill out the form on this page to get your copies.

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Here’s what’s included in our leap year worksheets bundle:

Fill in the Missing Leap Years

Fill in the Missing Leap Years activity sheet
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In the first activity, invite students to use skip counting to fill in the missing leap years. Which carrot represents 2024? For an extra challenge, ask students to keep going until they reach a new century!

The 2024 Leap Year and Me

The 2024 Leap Year and Me activity sheet
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The second activity asks students to think about the leap year in terms of their own life and achievements. After marking their age on the leap year timeline, they will think about how old they were for the last leap year and what they can do now that they couldn’t then. They will also think ahead to the next leap year. What would they like to be able to do in 2028 that they can’t do now?

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What is a leap year?

2024 is a leap year, which means we have an extra day on February 29. Leap years happen every four years. We have leap years because the length of our calendar year (365 days) is not the exact same as the time it takes the Earth to orbit the sun (365.25 days). Leap years help our calendar stay in sync with the seasons.

Where can my students learn more about the leap year?

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great children’s books about the leap year. We do recommend this video from Mystery Science that explains the phenomenon in a kid-friendly way.


We’d love to hear about how you and your students are observing the leap year! Email us at editor@weareteachers.com with your ideas.

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