This year building a “kindness” culture and empathic classroom community is more important than ever. We want to support our kids with consistent routines whether they are learning at home, in the classroom, or both! This is why we were so excited when our friends at Red Nose Day created remote learning ready SEL resources that are tied to key learning moments throughout the year.

The Program

These free resources for grades 2-5 teach our kids how to be kind and thoughtful. Kids learn to recognize the power they have to help other children. From September to May, there are lesson plans, class activities, and resources that align with key learning moments. The best part: they fit into your existing curriculum and are remote learning ready! Here’s a program overview:

SEL Classroom resources

Turn empathy into action

How it works

  • Check out the Everyday Heroes lesson plan on empathy, nomination form, and Zoom Background
  • Do as little or as much as you’d like (online, in your classroom, or a mix of both!) 
  • Enhance your curriculum with class routines, short lessons, and fun activities
  • Help kids see the power they have to make a difference for others
  • Use resources that are aligned to key learning moments throughout the school year
  • Support student to develop literacy skills in a series of reading and writing activities
  • Build awareness and a school-wide culture of empathy 

Here’s what teachers are saying

“I was surprised when, about a week or two after these lessons were finished, I had students telling me different things they had noticed and ways that they had tried to be kind and empathetic.”

“Great supplement to my social-emotional curriculum. I feel this is going to be even more important and essential in the next school year. The students are going to need some extra support, so I hope to use this program in my classroom.”



Bring More Kindness to Your Classroom With These Free SEL Resources