Adults often get the creepy-crawlies when it comes to insects, but kids are naturally fascinated by bugs. The good news is there are so many fun and engaging ways to teach about insects, including hands-on projects, videos, and more. Check out these insect activities that will help your students learn all about these amazing creatures.

1. Make a pollination model with cheeseballs

Your students will be “buzzing” with enthusiasm over this pollination lesson, which uses a simple model that mimics a bee pollinating plants. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say candy and cheese puffs are involved.

Try it: Pollination Model With Cheeseballs/Harry’s Big Adventure

2. Teach metamorphosis with a matching game

Observing metamorphosis is a very “magical” event. In this lesson, students will learn about the life stages different types of insects go through as they change from egg to adult. Then they will play a fun matching game perfect for grades K-3.

Try it: Magical Metamorphosis Matching Game/Harry’s Big Adventure

3. Schedule a virtual visit with a bug expert

Invite a professional insect expert into your classroom to share stories and facts with your students. These virtual visits provide an opportunity for students to interact with and ask bug-related questions to Terminix team members. Who better to answer insect questions than the people who see them every day?

Try it: Schedule Virtual Bug Expert Visit/Harry’s Big Adventure

4. Create job advertisements to recruit insects for a colony

Members of a colony perform many different jobs for the survival of the group. In this lesson, Worry-Free Colonies, students will be divided into four groups to conduct research on one of four different insects. Then, they will create a flyer to advertise the different job descriptions for each insect in the colony.

Try it: Insect Colony Job Advertisements Project/Harry’s Big Adventure

5. Tell bug jokes

illustration of an ant with joke insect activities: Why don't ants get sick? Because they have little anty bodies.

Image Credit: Bug Bite Thing

Incorporate some humor into your lessons with funny, silly, and corny insect jokes that are clean and safe for kids of all ages.

Try it: Insect Jokes for Kids/Jokes for Kids

6. Make a model of insect eyes with egg cartons and bubble wrap

Did you know that flies have unusual eyesight? In this lesson, students in grades 4-6 will learn how compound eyes help flies survive. Then, using an egg carton and bubble wrap, they will create a model of an insect’s compound eye.

Try it: Insect Compound Eyes Model Activity/Harry’s Big Adventure

7. Study bugs up close with insect kits

Bring nature into your classroom with these insect kits. Your students can explore beetles, ants, ladybugs, bees, and more.

Try it: 10 Insect Kits to Help Kids Study Bugs Up Close/WeAreTeachers

8. Learn math with ladybugs number cards

Your kindergarteners will love these free, printable number cards with ladybugs instead of dots. Print them out, then play a game with your small group to learn all about the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal.

Try it: ladybug number cards/Harry’s Big Adventure

9. Watch bug videos

Check out these incredible insect videos from National Geographic Kids. Your students will have fun learning about fire ants, snail zombies, the world’s largest spider, and more!

Try it: Bug Videos/National Geographic Kids

10. Make a 3D food web

Food webs show how plants and animals are interconnected to help them all survive. In this lesson for grade 5, What a Web We Weave, students will use yarn and printable food web cards to learn all about how plants and animals are connected by different paths and the progression of how one species feeds on another.

Try it: Food Web Activity/Harry’s Big Adventure

11. Learn how to draw insects

drawing of a butterfly

Image Credit: Drawing Tutorials

In our school library, the How to Draw series of books is the hottest ticket in school! Enrich your students’ understanding of insects with these easy insect drawing tutorials for beginners. Here, you’ll find step-by-step instructions to draw bugs in every shape and size.

Try it: Insect Drawing Tutorials/Drawing Tutorials

12. Have an insect camouflage coloring competition

What’s the difference between insect camouflage and mimicry? One means blending in and the other means acting like a copycat. Both adaptations help insects survive predators. This lesson for students in grades 4-6 starts with student research and discussion and ends with a fun camouflage competition.

Try it: Insect Camouflage Competition Activity/Harry’s Big Adventure

Want more insect lessons and activities?

Check out Harry’s Big Adventure, a website created by Terminix, with free insect lessons and activities for grades K-6. Plus, schedule a free virtual classroom visit with a bug expert!


12 Buzzworthy Insect Activities For Grades K-6