If a Teacher Were President, Things Would be Different …

Teacher for President 2020!

We have a feeling that some things would change if a teacher were in charge of the country…

  1. Air Force One would be made available for any classroom that has been unable to raise enough fund to go on their year-end field trip, provided the president gets to tag along.
  2. State dinners menus would only feature food that a) can be eaten with one’s fingers and b) couldn’t be smeared on anyone else’s clean shirt.
  3. iPads for every teacher!
  4. Daylight Savings Time would be canceled. At least until there’s a Starbucks on every school campus.
  5. Press conferences would begin when the president raised three fingers and did a silent countdown.
  6. The White House would be redecorated with bulletin boards featuring inspirational quotes.
  7. All campaign signs would rhyme. And feature bubble font with glitter.
  8. All official memos would be stamped with a cute little caterpillar holding a sign that says, “Nice Work!” Unless, of course, if something did not meet the president’s approval, in which case it would get the “Try, Try Again” stamp.”


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