Free Printable Homework Pass Set for K-12 Teachers

Plus ideas for using them.

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The homework pass just might be the most coveted of all school rewards. It’s easy for teachers too, since it doesn’t cost a thing. Make it even easier to hand out homework passes with our free printable set of two options, each in two styles. Just fill out the form on this page to grab them.

Homework can be a surprisingly controversial topic. While many assume it’s just a natural part of a child’s education, others feel that homework isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As we seek to encourage a better work-life balance for adults, is it possible homework is sending the wrong message to kids?

That being said, very few schools have banned homework altogether, and it does have its benefits. It’s especially useful in subjects like math and reading, where students profit from lots of skills practice. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to offer kids a break with no penalty, or at least the chance to postpone their assignment to a better night. That’s where the homework pass comes in.

Homework Pass Options

Our free printable homework passes come in two options, with styles for both elementary and middle/high school:

  • No Homework: This pass allows kids to skip a homework assignment, with no penalty to their grade.
  • One Day Late: This one gives them an extra day to turn in their work, which can be really helpful if they have a busy night of after-school activities or aren’t feeling well.

Most teachers put some limitations on their homework passes, specifying that they’re for certain assignments only. (You don’t want to give a student a free pass on a big project or paper.) Make sure you explain any restrictions when you hand yours out.


Some teachers give every student a certain number of passes to use each semester or year. Others use them as rewards or prizes for in-class competitions or quizzes.

Get Your Free Printable Homework Passes!

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However you choose to use them, you can grab your free homework pass printable set by filling out this quick form.

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