We know that rote memorization isn’t the way to go when it comes to math fluency. Kids need more, but how do you bridge the gap between traditional math curricula and what’s best for students? The key is to build fluency based on mathematical reasoning. Math Fluency from hand2mind gives you everything you need to do just that—whether you’re teaching from home or in person.

About the Math Fluency Kits

Daily Math Fluency Kit for Grade 5

Daily Math Fluency Kit for Grade 5

hand2mind’s Math Fluency Kits are a supplemental resource designed to help teachers teach and reinforce multiple strategies that build number sense using:

  • Number Strings: a series of related problems focused on a particular strategy, a big idea in mathematics, and/ or a model, designed to help students construct mental strategies and to nudge them toward efficiency.
  • Math Talks: discussions about strategies for a given problem.

Math Fluency is a teacher-led program (you use manipulatives and visual models to demonstrate and facilitate discussions), so it’s a great fit for in-person or remote learning. If you’re doing a live session in person or remotely, make sure your students know to give you a signal when they’re ready to share. If you’re doing a recorded session remotely, make sure you have a way to record what students are thinking so you can share their answers and then record a response to help them make connections about the mathematics.

And the good news is that this approach to teaching math fluency is highly effective. In a 10-week pilot study of Daily Math Fluency, 85% of the students scored significantly higher on their fluency post-test in comparison to their pre-test.

For students who are struggling and need additional support, hand2mind’s Math Fluency Intervention Kits are specifically designed to focus on core number concepts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

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