20 Best Halloween Shirts To Wear During Spooky Season

The haunt is on for spooktacular styles.

Examples of some of the best Halloween shirts including a man in a an orange and black button down shirt with spiders and a woman in a t-shirt with a ghost that says I love booooks.
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Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or just someone who loves Halloween, dressing the part during spooky season adds to the fun. But since not all schools allow dressing up for Halloween (and not everyone feels comfortable in full costume), why not try a cozy Halloween sweatshirt or comfy T-shirt? If you’re looking for something more formal, there are even button-down Halloween shirts you can buy. Some designs are subdued and feature delicate embroidery, while others are louder and in your face. Still others are funny and feature oh-so-hilarious plays on words. Check out our list of favorite Halloween shirts for both adults and kids!

Halloween Shirts for Adults

1. Hocus Pocus

A woman is shown wearing an orange sweatshirt with a big black block across it that says It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus. There is an outline of the hair and hats of the three witches from the movie.

Halloween sweatshirts inspired by classic movies like Hocus Pocus are the perfect way to stay cozy in the cool temperatures of fall. The Sanderson sisters have become a Halloween classic, so why not don this fun sweatshirt that features their silhouettes? This sweatshirt will put a spell on you, and if you follow this link, now it will be yours!

Buy it: Hocus Pocus Sweatshirt at Amazon

2. Halloween Bowling Shirt

A man is shown from the neck down wearing a button up shirt in orange, black, and beige. A spider web is on the shoulder and a spider is crawling up the shirt.
R. Matthews/product review via Amazon

This shirt is perfect for all those Halloween-themed luaus you are invited to or your bowling team’s big Halloween match. What’s that? You don’t have anything like that? We still think this shirt is too fun to pass up on!

Buy it: Men’s Halloween Shirt at Amazon

3. Waiting …

Halloween shirts include t-shirts like this black one that has a skeleton on it and white writing that says I'll just wait until it's quiet.

Every teacher certainly knows that feeling of waiting for their class to quiet down. This Halloween T-shirt manages to be funny while also sending a message to your (sometimes) noisy class!

Buy it: I’ll Just Wait Until It’s Quiet T-Shirt at Amazon

4. Read More Booooks

Halloween shirts include this t-shirt that has a ghost reading on it and says Read More Booooks.

Want to look cute while also encouraging your students to up their reading minutes? We especially love that this shirt comes in 13 different colors to choose from so you can personalize it to your taste!

Buy it: Read More Booooks at Etsy

5. I Found This Humerus

Halloween shirts can be funny like this black one that features a ghost wearing a nurse's hat with the words I found this humerus.

This shirt is so humorous (and humerus) it would be perfect for a biology teacher, school nurse, or a homophone-loving ELA teacher.

Buy it: Funny Halloween Nurse Costume at Amazon

6. I Got a Rock

A beige shirt features the characters from Peanuts dressed up for trick or treating. A word bubble appears over Charlie Brown's character saying "I got a rock."

Regardless of whether you’re 60 or 6, you’ve probably seen It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. This shirt features Charlie Brown’s iconic line “I got a rock.”

Buy it: I Got a Rock Halloween Shirt at Etsy

7. Subtle Halloween Sweatshirt

A folded gray sweatshirt has BOO embroidered on it. The O's are made to look like characters from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.

Do you love the idea of Halloween sweatshirts but want something a little more polished? Then this adorable embroidered Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired sweatshirt is perfect for you!

Buy it: Embroidered BOO Sweatshirt at Etsy

8. Dressy Halloween Shirt

Halloween shirts can be dressy like this long sleeve black v-neck top with jack o' lanterns and other Halloween items on it.

While a lot of Halloween shirts are casual, they can be dressy, too, like this pretty V-neck option. We especially love the ruffled cuffs.

Buy it: Halloween V-Neck Shirt at Amazon

9. Boo Sheet

Halloween shirts can be funny like this one that is black with an angry looking ghost on it. Lettering says This is Boo Sheet.

Did this one make you LOL? This shirt may be PG-13, but we think it is perfect for the weekends. The funny play on words and the adorably angry ghost are chef’s kiss!

Buy it: This Is Boo Sheet Shirt at Amazon

10. Jack-o’-Lantern

An orange long sleeve shirt is designed to look like a smiling Jack O' Lantern.

This shirt is simple but makes for the perfect costume in a pinch.

Buy it: Jack-o’-Lantern shirt at Amazon

11. Spooky Star Wars

A seated woman is shown from the neck down wearing a dark gray shirt with orange letters that says Star Wars and Star Wars characters dressed for Halloween.

Do or do not order this shirt, but there is no try. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you get it!

Buy it: Star Wars Halloween Shirt at Etsy

12. Golden Ghouls

A woman is shown from the neck down wearing a beige sweatshirt that says Golden Ghouls and features the Golden Girls with their faces turned into ghouls.

Regardless of whether you are a Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, or Sophia fan, you’re sure to love this fun Halloween sweatshirt. Just be prepared because you’ll definitely have fans of the 1980s sitcom asking where they can get one too!

Buy it: The Golden Ghouls at Etsy

13. Inflation Costume

A basic black t-shirt has white writing that says Due to Inflation This is My Halloween Costume

Not really the dressing-up type? Then this is the perfect Halloween costume for you! A bonus is it will also spark a conversation with your students or kids about what inflation means.

Buy it: Due to Inflation This Is My Halloween Costume Shirt at Amazon

Halloween Shirts for Kids

14. Let’s Eat Kids

Halloween shirts include this t-shirt that says Let's Eat Kids without a comma between Eat and Kids and again with the comma. It says Punctuation saves lives.

This shirt comes in both adult and kid sizes and hilariously teaches us all a lesson on the importance of commas.

Buy it: Let’s Eat Kids Halloween Shirt at Amazon

15. So Franken Cute

A green shirt with black sleeves has a cartoon Frankenstein on it and text that reads so franken cute.

This Halloween shirt for kids is so adorable, or should we say so franken cute. Your little monsters will love it!

Buy it: So Franken Cute Shirt at Amazon

16. Nightmare Before Christmas 3-Pack

Three Halloween shirts are shown. One is a tuxedo style, one has Jack Skellington's face on it, and one features all of the characters from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas

We think these Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired T-shirts are a steal since you get three for a relatively low price. If your kids are like ours, they probably already adore Jack Skellington!

Buy it: Jack Skellington 3-Pack at Amazon

17. Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Shirt

Some Halloween shirts glow in the dark like this one  with a skeleton on it that glows green. A little boy is pointing to the shirt.

What list of Halloween shirts would be complete without at least one that glows in the dark? Whenever this shirt is exposed to light for at least 30 minutes, it will produce some spectacularly spooky results!

Buy it: Glow-in-the-Dark Shirt at Amazon

18. Bats and Pumpkins, Oh My!

A beige sweatshirt has bats and jack o' lanterns all over it.

Halloween sweatshirts that are tasteful while still being festive are the best! We love how the bats and jack-o’-lanterns on this sweatshirt are more adorable than spooky considering it will be worn by small kids.

Buy it: Toddler Sweatshirt at Amazon

19. Black Cat

A black sweatshirt with a hood has cat ears and features an outline of a cat on the front.

We love this sweatshirt since it can be worn for Halloween or really anytime. Our favorite part is definitely the adorable cat ears on the hood.

Buy it: Black Cat Hoodie at Amazon

20. Pumpkin Emotions

A black t-shirt features 12 pumpkins with faces that show a wide spectrum of emotions.

This shirt works equally well as a fashion item and as a social-emotional learning opportunity. Use it to spark a conversation with your child or students about feelings.

Buy it: Pumpkin Emotions Shirt at Amazon

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Halloween shirts are an affordable and fun way for faculty and students to get into the season. Check out some of our favorites!