Calling all middle and high school teachers! This gaming program opportunity from Google is a great chance for middle and high school students to do something with serious real-world application. Check it out:

Applying for the program

Google Play launched the Change the Game Design Challenge to support and empower women as game players and creators, but all students are eligible to participate. Here are the details:

  • All students ages 13-18 can apply.
  • The program is free.
  • No developer experience is required.
  • All they need is a computer with Internet access.
  • Deadline is July 31.

Learning the ins and outs of game design

Selected students will take part in a weeklong workshop, which includes four online courses hosted by Girls Make Games. They’ll have dedicated instructors who will take them through designing and creating their own mobile games.

Screenshot of Brightlove game

Game designed by one of the 2019 Change the Game Design Challenge participants

Lasting impacts of participation

Teens leave this program with a new set of skills, a passion for STEM, and career goals in a field they may have never considered before. For many—especially girls—the experience helps to increase their sense of identity and belonging within the gaming industry. It also inspires them to want to make the gaming space more open and inclusive.

What participants are saying

“It’s astonishing how much I learned with few hours despite having very little prior knowledge.” —Nandini

“I had a fantastic mentor who was kind, friendly, and was always there if you needed help. She made us all feel that we didn’t have to be embarrassed if we were stuck.” —Khadija

“I plan to open a gaming company that is highly culturally mixed with 90% women.” —Giovanna

Know a teen who would be perfect for this gaming program? Send them here:

Learn More About Google Play’s Change the Game Design Challenge