This Geometry Teacher Forgot to Put a Word Bank On a Quiz, And We Are Crying

TBH I would totally misspell them too.

Images from TikTok of geometry teacher who forgot to include a word bank

We’ve all had those moments as a teacher where we reflect and say, “OK, yeah. That was a mistake.”

Some of us just make TikToks about it.

Educator and TikTok creator @hannah_isbright forgot to include a word bank so students would know how to spell the content vocabulary on her geometry quiz. (My best guess as someone who has also done this? A student pointed it out while all the quizzes were already copied and handed out, so it was too late to fix. I’m betting she reminded her students that they wouldn’t have their spelling counted against them, and said, “Just do the best you can.”)

Turns out “Just do the best you can” produces a wide range of responses, especially in a unit with some tough-to-spell terms. Clearly they understood the content, though, which is really all that matters (and kudos to Ms. Bright’s teaching!)

(Quick side note: teachers know the ability to spell doesn’t necessarily correspond with intelligence. In fact, many times a brighter-than-average student can have terrible spelling! Last week I found a handwritten list my literal genius brother made of stuff to get from “Targot” before I pointed it out to him. So we love that Ms. Bright noted that spelling didn’t count on this assignment.)


Take a look at some of these creative interpretations of “isosceles” and “scalene,” narrated by a deadpan robot and accompanied by everyone’s favorite: the Kahoot Lobby song.


This is the trade-off of having to repeat the directions 4x a minute 😂 #teacher #mathteacher #geometry #fyp #adhdteacher

♬ Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack) – Kahoot!


In everyone’s defense, the English pronunciation system—whether or not you’re fluent in English—is completely counterintuitive. When the “c” is pronounced in “scoop” but not in “science,” I think it’s totally logical to leave out the “c” in “scalene.”

We love a teacher who can laugh at their mistakes (and not penalize students for them).

Our guess? Every quiz from now on has a word bank.

Which creative rendition of “isosceles” was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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What happens when you forget to put a word bank on your geometry quiz? They still get the answers right, but in very creative ways!