5 Teacher Flow Charts to Make You LOL

Decision making at its finest.

5 Funny Flow Charts for Teachers

We love flow charts. Even better, we love funny flow charts. Here are some of our favorite teacher flow charts that that really capture teacher life. We hope they offer you up some good LOLs and make for good decoration in the teachers’ lounge.

Should you get out the glitter?

Glitter Flow Chart: WeAreTeachers

We find that there are two kinds of teachers out there …either pro glitter or anti glitter. Which side do you fall on? Do you like a little bit of extra sparkle to your teacher life?


To laminate or not to laminate?

Laminate Poster: WeAreTeachers

Spoiler alert: The answer is usually yes on this one. Ahhh, I can smell the sweet smell of melting plastic already.


Should you buy more books for your classroom?


Should You Buy Books Poster: WeAreTeachers

Books are one of the best splurges on planet when you’re a teacher. Ah yeah. #TeacherLife


Should you eat chocolate today?

Eat Chocolate Poster: WeAreTeachers

Sometimes when you’ve had a hard day, chocolate just makes it better.


Should you wear leggings today?

Leggings Poster: WeAreTeachers

This one might cater more to us gals, but we love it! If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear leggings to school or under dresses, then you know the comfort is ahhh-mazing.

Did we miss any of your favorite funny flow charts for teachers? If so, please share a link in the comments. And follow our Teacher Life page on Facebook for more teacher funnies.