Free Printable: Compare and Contrast Worksheets

A six-page collection!

When you ask kids what the differences and similarities are between cows and horses, they might start with the obvious things like “cows give milk [that humans drink] and horses don’t” and “both have 4 legs.” But upon further exploration of the idea, you’ll get to some more creative answers like “people use horses to herd other animals, but we don’t use cows to herd other animals” and “neither can juggle.”

Compare and Contrast Worksheets

compare and contrast preview

This is the kind of creative, mind-stretching thought we want our students to develop. There are tons of ways to teach comparing and contrasting, but if you’re looking for a simple, pre-made set of practice pages, look no further! Here’s a six-page collection of Venn diagram pages for you, all for free! The first five pages have the object already assigned, and the last page is blank so you can choose what you want to compare and contrast.

Download the full-size printables: Compare and contrast – updated [PDF]

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