Video is a wonderful way of bringing your classroom lessons to life. When students can see real-life examples of what they’re reading and studying, they retain so much more. 

Online video platforms can be a great source for educators looking to bring video into their classrooms. However, this has its challenges. For instance, many school districts block the most popular sites. And even if yours hasn’t, these sites definitely require careful monitoring. You never know what might pop up as an ad or what video might be suggested at the end of the one you’re watching.

So if you’re looking for an alternative, check out Boclips for Teachers . This platform has a huge library of educational videos, all discoverable through an easy search function. They describe their service as “a smarter, safer way to use video in the classroom,” and they definitely back that up. When you’re on Boclips for Teachers, you’ll notice there are no ads. Plus, you can save your video collections and even browse the collections of other teachers. This way, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access videos for individual lessons or curriculum areas. 

Best of all, right now it’s free for teachers. For a limited time (until the end of June), you can sign up for free lifetime access to all the educational videos that Boclips for Teachers has to offer, including: 

Elementary School Videos


Find collections that include stories for children, early childhood videos, writing prompts for children, and videos on the science of sound, science experimentation, and more. Plus, search for your favorite curriculum area to find a specific video.

Middle School Videos

Find collections on Shakespeare, history, weather, creative writing, animal welfare, climate change, and more. Each collection has multiple video examples within each one, or you can create your own collection, too. 

High School Videos 

Find collections on sustainable farming, chemistry, art history, history of inspirational women, poetry, ethics and morals, American literature, and more. You can play the videos for the entire class because you won’t have to worry about ads or inappropriate content. 

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