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Teaching Tolerance has an entire series of DVDs and teacher guides that are FREE to educators. Teaching Tolerance is a wonderful organization that has created these award-winning documentaries and resources to help teach children about equality, cooperation and citizenship. Most of the available film kits are best for grades 6 and up. However, there is also one for early grades. Here are the available titles and a brief synopsis of each.

America’s Civil Rights Movement: “A Time for Justice”
In “A Time for Justice,” four-time Academy Award–winning filmmaker Charles Guggenheim captured the spirit of the civil rights movement through historical footage and the voices of those who participated in the struggle.

“Bullied”: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History
“Bullied” is a documentary film that chronicles one student’s ordeal at the hands of anti-gay bullies and offers an inspiring message of hope to those fighting harassment today. It can become a cornerstone of anti-bullying efforts in middle and high schools.

“Mighty Times: The Children’s March”
This special teachers’ edition of the Academy Award–winning documentary film and accompanying resources tell the heroic story of the young people in Birmingham, Alabama, who brought segregation to its knees.

“One Survivor Remembers”
“One Survivor Remembers” enables thoughtful classroom discussion about a historical topic that is particularly difficult to teach and comprehend. Gerda Weissmann Klein’s account of surviving the Holocaust lessens the distance of both time and geography, making the topic more accessible to students.

“Starting Small”
Designed for in-service programs, this training tool for early-grades educators profiles classrooms in which peace, equity and justice are guiding themes. The kit includes a 58-minute film in DVD format with closed-captioning, and a 250-page text with classroom profiles, commentary, activities and a resource guide.

“Viva la Causa”
“Viva la Causa” introduces the Delano strike and grape boycott led by César Chávez and Dolores Huerta. The kit includes a 39-minute DVD and a teacher’s guide with standards-based lesson plans.

Educators can also receive Teaching Tolerance magazine twice a year. Subscriptions are free for teachers.

Check out the Teaching Tolerance educator resources today!

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