50 Fantastic Fall Bulletin Boards and Doors for Your Classroom

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

Examples of fall bulletin board ideas, including a red pickup truck holding pumpkins and a football themed game plan for the daily schedule.

Autumn is definitely in the air, and it’s time to create some fall bulletin boards and doors for your classroom. Fall foliage, beloved Halloween movies, pumpkin-spiced everything, owls, turkeys, and more—we’ve got it all! We even have some great bulletin board ideas for Red Ribbon week that spread awareness about drugs while remaining seasonal. Librarians and P.E. teachers should take note as well since we have ideas for you too. Gather your favorite fall decorations and art supplies and check out our list of the best fall bulletin boards below!

Pumpkin Bulletin Boards

1. Who’s hiding in the pumpkin patch?

Fall bulletin boards often include pumpkins like this one that reads "who's hiding in our patch." It has pumpkins with students' names on them and if you lift the flap there is a photo of the student.

This interactive bulletin board will have students peeking under the pumpkins’ flaps whenever they pass by! Take photos of your students, then place them under their names for the cutest pumpkin patch we’ve ever seen.

Source: Reading With Mrs. D

2. Personalized pumpkins

A blue background has several different style jack o' lanterns that have writing prompts attached to each one.

Students will definitely have a good time designing their own unique jack-o’-lanterns and then finishing a writing prompt all about their pumpkin.

Source: Teaching With Love & Laughter

3. The cutest pumpkin patch

Fall bulletin boards should include pumpkins like these. The top has cute construction paper jack o' lanterns and the bottom has pumpkins painted on paper plates. All appear to be student work.

Your little pumpkins will surely feel proud looking at their artwork on display in this cute pumpkin patch–themed board.

Source: Pinterest/Carmel Mountain Preschool

4. Celebrate the Great Pumpkin

Fall bulletin boards like this one includes Charlie Brown, Linus, and Snoopy in a pumpkin patch. A sign reads "Our Great Pumpkins" and the pumpkins appear to be student made.

Since just about everyone loves the movie It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, it just makes sense to incorporate the beloved Peanuts characters into your fall bulletin boards!

Source: @hannahcrideout

5. Showcase the pick of the patch

Fall bulletin boards can include a red pickup truck like this one with a bunch of cute cutout pumpkins in the bed with googly eyes. Text reads "The pick of the patch" and there are large sunflowers in the corners.

Have students create these adorable smiling pumpkins during arts-and-crafts time and then load them into a red pickup truck like this one. Kids will certainly enjoy seeing their work on display.

Source: @sendyteaches

6. Prove your pumpkin-spice latte love!

A black background has orange, green, and red text that says pumpkin spice and everything nice. There are disposable coffee cups with lids all over the board.

These cute coffee cups are such a unique way to display students’ writing prompts while spreading an important message about being nice!

Source: @erin_evolvingbeauty

7. Display pumpkin art

Student created pumpkins are on display on a wooden background for fall bulletin boards

The stunning artwork on display here really pops because of the black background. The wooden boards underneath help give this board a seasonal feel.

Source: @becuriouscreatereflect

Reading-Inspired Bulletin Boards

8. Get creative to reward good reading …

Fall bulletin boards include doors like this one that read "We got caught reading." There is a black spiderweb on a red background with cutouts of books that students have decorated all over the door. Spiderman is also on the door.

Since kids love superheroes, and Spiderman in particular, this door will be sure to inspire your students to get reading.

9. Fall into a good book

Bright colored text reads "Fall into a good book!" Large acorn cutouts say character and sumary on them and appear to be filled out by students. October bulletin boards like this one also include fake folliage.

We definitely love a good pun like this one!

Source: @teachingfourthwithkelly

10. Carve out time for reading

A cute frankenstein is shown on a black background. White letters say "Carve Out Time for Reading." There are books underneath.

Fall bulletin boards like this one put reading front and center and can be used in a classroom or in a school library.

Source: The Teacher Librarian

11. When fall leaves you reading

Fall bulletin boards uses puns like this one reading "fall leaves us reading." There are fall leaves and a tree as well as Linus, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy. A table is in front of the board with Autumn themed books on it.

Peanuts characters serve as the perfect backdrop to a table of autumn-themed books.

Source: Flickr/Five Points West Library

12. Rake in a good book!

A bulletin board says rake in a good read! It has leaves and books on it.

This is the kind of raking we can get behind. This board will work well in the classroom or in the library.

Source: Pinterest/Amy Maxey

13. Falling into great books

Fall bulletin boards can include cute puns like this one that reads "fall into a great book." A large tree is on the left hand side with foliage and books and leaves are falling to the ground.

Another seasonal pun—yes, please! Peep the man in the corner of this board and delight your students with a hidden photo of you!

Source: @pelhambaylibrary

14. Frankly, books are great!

Fall bulletin boards: this one is all green and made to look like Frankenstein's head. Black text reads Frankly, I love books.

It just doesn’t get any more adorable than this Frankenstein face and cute play on the word frankly. This is another board that will work in either a classroom or library.

Source: The Podunk Librarian

15. Display the falling leaves

Fall bulletin boards feature trees like this 3-D one with . Cut out leaves adorn the branches and there are photos of the students reading that have been hidden around the tree.

Have your students pose with a book, then print those photos to use on a fall bulletin board like this one. Then have your students take turns trying to find themselves among the leaves!

Source: @mr.wyllie

Apple Bulletin Boards

16. When you have a thing for tissue paper …

A fall tree is surrounded by apples. The leaves are created from bunched up tissue paper in red, orange, yellow, and green.

Since apples are synonymous with fall and the start of school, this board will be perfect to leave up from September through November. The tissue paper foliage adds a fun pop!

Source: Building a Birdhouse of Love

17. A bushel of nouns

Fall bulletin boards include apple themes like this one. A tree has apples in it and a basket and several bushels of apples are seen. Text reads "a bushel of collective nouns."

An ELA lesson that doubles as fall decor!

Source: Around the Kampfire

18. Measuring up to a great class

A black background has the words "we measure up to a great class." There are a number of squares made up of wooden rulers and each one has a small apple in the corner.
A square is made from pieces of a wooden ruler. A small apple is in the lower left side.

Another apple-themed board, this one will be especially fitting if you are planning a lesson on units of measurement. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to donate their old wooden rulers!

Welcome Bulletin Boards

19. When you love owls …

Fall bulletin boards can include doors like this one that read "look whoooo's in our room!" There are cute owl heads with googly eyes all over the door with students' names on them.

Your students will feel instantly welcomed into your classroom after locating their personalized owl! You’ll definitely want to have some good scrapbooking paper on hand to bring this door to life.

Source: Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten

20. When you have a lot of room to work with …

A 3-D scarecrow is surrounded by corn stalks and there are a few crows. The text reads, "We've got lots to crow about!"

Another fall pun that will be sure to delight your students. Attach an actual scarecrow to really grab your students’ attention.

Source: Library Learners

21. Going batty for school

Fall bulletin boards can include Halloween ones like this teal background with bats all over it. Text reads "we're batty about kindergarten."

Let students express themselves by creating their own personalized bats and then pair them with this cute pun for the perfect fall bulletin board.

Source: Kindergarten Smiles

22. When it’s sunflower season …

Fall bulletin boards like this classroom door leads ino a hallway. The door reads buzz on in to Mrs. Ashmore's class. There are two large sunflowers on the door and a bunch of smaller sunflowers lining the halls with students' names on them.

Fall bulletin boards welcome students into their new classroom, and what better way to do that than with sunflowers! We just love the two big ones on the door and the smaller ones labeled with students’ names lining the hallway.

Source: Our Small-Town Idaho Life

23. When you want to make a cool classroom tree …

Fall bulletin boards include trees like this one with 3-D bark and many different colored fall leaves attached.

We love a bulletin board that uses materials you likely already have laying around like this tree made from brown packing paper. Have students write what they are thankful for on leaves and then attach them to your tree.

Source: One Creative Mommy

Turkey-Themed Bulletin Boards

24. Turkey math on display

Fall bulletin boards can display art or student work like this one. Cute turkeys made by students have math problems on them and are hanging from clotheslines and clothespins.

Have students use orange and yellow feathers to create their own turkeys and then write an addition sentence to show how many of each of the feathers there are. Finally, use some clothesline and clothespins to display their work!

Source: Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

25. Gobble up a good book

A bulletin board is designed to look like a turkey head. It has silly googly eyes and text reads "gobble up a good book." The names of books are written on the surrounding feathers.

Students will feel accomplished whenever they walk by this silly turkey and see all the books they have read proudly on display.

Source: Pinterest/Library at KID

26. Welcoming the flock

A Fall colored banner reads "welcome to our flock" cute student made turkeys appear underneath.

Let students create their own silly turkeys, then add them to a cute fall board like this one. Don’t forget to create your own wild turkey to be displayed front and center!

Source: Differentiated Kindergarten

Positive Message Bulletin Boards

27. Give thanks

Fall bulletin boards can include 3-D pumpkins, leaves, and flowers like this one. Text reads Give thanks in big letters.

A simple but poignant message, this pretty board will remind students of the true message of the season. Hit up your local dollar store for some fake fall foliage and pumpkins.

Source: Pinterest/Kelsie Ensor

28. Leave kindness everywhere

A yellow bulletin board reads Kindness leaves others encouraged. Kindness is in a banner across the top and fall leaves are sprinkled throughout.

A simple but important message that leaves us feeling happy! This is a perfect board to throw together if you are short on time.

Source: Pinterest/Shannon

29. Harvesting good character

Fall bulletin boards can spread a positive message like this one that reads "Let's Harvest Good Character!" There are pumpkins and leaves and signs that say things like kindness.

Harvest a good classroom environment with a positive message like the one shared in this seasonal bulletin board. Have your students tell you what good character means to them and then add them to your garden!

Source: Pinterest/Erika Rifkin

Wellness Bulletin Boards

30. A punny healthy habits board

A simple bulletin board says "healthy habits aren't autumn matic." It has different sized pumpkins with healthy habits written on them.

A perfect bulletin board for a wellness teacher to display during the fall, this board reminds students about the importance of healthy habits.

Source: Pinterest/Abby Rider

31. Caught exercising

Fall bulletin boards: This one says Caught Exercising and has a spider web all over it. There are photos of students exercising throughout the board.

Take photos of your students exercising, then use them as part of this Halloween themed P.E. board. This would be a fun board to setup if you are planning an open house for parents and caregivers.

Source: S&S Blog

32. Jumping jack-o’-lanterns

A mix of different sports themed pumpkins and jack o' lanterns are on this idea for Fall bulletin boards. There are actual jump ropes attached as well.

This board is such a clever way to incorporate both physical education and Halloween. We just love the addition of the actual jump ropes to give it a little something extra.

Source: S&S Blog

Red Ribbon Week

33. A spooky Say No message

A door is decorated with a yellow background, a haunted house, skeletons, and bats. Text reads "Don't be Afraid to Say NO!!"

This door is a good reminder for your students anytime of year, but especially during Red Ribbon Week in October.

Source: Herding Kats in Kindergarten

34. No room on the broom for drugs!

A door is decorated with a big witch and the text "there's no room on our brooms for drugs." There are several smaller witches riding on brooms and they have photos of the students' faces on them.

Taking inspiration from the beloved children’s classic, this is the cutest anti-drug bulletin board we have ever seen. Students will surely love seeing their faces as miniature witches with their very own brooms!

Source: Herding Kats in Kindergarten

35. Avoid the nightmare of drugs

A classroom door is decorated to resemble a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas including text that reads "Avoid the Nightmare of Drugs."

Since Red Ribbon Week and Halloween both occur in October, why not try this Nightmare Before Christmas–inspired board about the dangers of drugs? Fans of the movie will love seeing their favorite characters whenever they come into the classroom.

Source: Pinterest/Middle Mania

36. A spell against drugs

Fall bulletin boards can be in hallways like this one. The Top is green with writing that says Hocus Pocus Drugs Aren't Our Focus. Halloween decor surrounds it.

This is the perfect board to display during October since it combines both Halloween and Red Ribbon Week. We are fans of the movie Hocus Pocus (who isn’t?) and also the cute rhyming message of this board!

Source: Photo of Hernandez Middle School by Mike Parker

Tree Bulletin Boards

37. Harvesting good reading

October bulletin boards can cover two walls like this one. It reads "A harvest of good reading." A tree with fall leaves spreads out across the two walls. Books are in two barrels at the bottom of each wall.

We just love the texture and dimension on this fun reading-inspired bulletin board. This one could take some extra time to create, so consider asking a parent volunteer to help.

Source: jdberry411.wixsite.com

38. A tree full of adjectives

A fall tree is shown with adjectives all around it that describe the season of Autumn.

A fall-themed lesson on adjectives makes for a perfect bulletin board idea. Set up the background before class and then fill in the word bubbles with student input.

39. Artwork inspired by poetry

A poem about leaves falling is surrounded by student artwork of trees with falling autumn colored leaves.
A close up of student art shows a tree with bits of orange yellow and red construction paper all over it to look like falling leaves.

Have your class work together to compose a poem about fall, then create artwork to match. We love that you’ll only need some construction paper and a glue stick to re-create this fun fall art project!

Source: Finally in First

40. Unbe“leaf”able superheroes

Board reads "we're unbe "leaf" able. A fall tree is pictured with several recognizable superheros beneath including captain america, supergirl, and batman.

We just can’t get enough of fall-themed puns like this unbe-leaf-able one. The little superheroes will be sure to inspire the trick-or-treaters in your class.

Source: Pinterest/Ivette Velazquez

41. A playful silhouette

A classroom door is decorated with the side of a tree with fall leaves. A swing has a silhouette of a little girl on it swinging from a branch. A silhouette of a little boy is shown playing in the leaves beneath.

The silhouetted children in this door decoration are just oh-so charming!

Source: Flickr/Celebrate Always

42. Interactive color fun

A close-up shows trees with a little hand sticking felt colors to the right colored tree.

This board will need to be low to the ground since it is meant to be interactive for little hands. It not only teaches colors and counting, but it also encourages independent learning.

Source: Play to Learn Preschool

Writing Prompts Bulletin Boards

43. How to Scare a Crow

Many cute, cutout scarecrows adorn a bulletin board. Each one is holding a writing prompt. Text reads "how to scare a crow."
A close up of a scarecrow with two crows on its shoulders is shown holding a student's writing prompt.

What’s better than a fall-themed writing prompt? One that also doubles as an awesome fall bulletin board!

Source: Miss Kindergarten

44. Spider facts!

A bulletin board says "spiders" and has student done worksheets on spiders all over it.

This science-based board includes students’ facts on spiders and could be used any time of year but is especially fitting in the fall!

Source: Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

45. Going batty

Fall bulletin boards include ones about bats like this one that says "Going Batty" across the top. Student worksheets on bats make up the rest of it.

This board is a win-win since bats are both endlessly fascinating and heavily associated with Halloween. Have students fill out their bat facts and then complete a matching bat drawing for display.

Source: Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

46. Acorn writing prompt

A black background has squirrels holding neon colored acorns that have writing prompts on them.

Fall colors are beautiful, but we just love the pop of color that these acorns add to this bulletin board. Have students write what they love about fall on their acorn and then let them create a cute squirrel to hold their prompt.

Source: Kindergarten Korner by Kasey

More Fall-Themed Bulletin Boards

47. Share your game plan …

Fall bulletin boards include football themed ones like this one. A football field serves as the backdrop and text reads "our game plan." Other bubbles include math, reading, writing, vocab, etc.

This focus board will be sure to appeal to the little football lovers in your class. The addition of dry-erase pockets makes it easy to change out information when needed.

Source: Not So Wimpy Teacher

48. A haunting library

A library sign hangs above a board that is black with yellow eyes peeking out and white crepe paper wrapped around it to look like a mummy.

This is an easy bulletin board that can be used in a variety of settings. All you’ll need is some yellow and black card stock and white crepe paper.

Source: Mrs. Stembrarian

49. Parent board

A calendar, schedule, and other important documents are on a board that is surrounded by pumpkins and leaves. Text reads, Parent Board."

Planning an open house? Why not create a pretty fall-themed board like this one just for parents?

Source: Pinterest/Genesis Casallas

50. A spooky welcome to your classroom

FAll bulletin boards include doors like this one decorated to look like a scene from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. A silhouette of the villain is in black and three child sized trick or treaters from the movie are in the front.

This design might be best suited to an art teacher since you’ll likely need some talent to bring this Tim Burton–inspired door to life.

Source: Pinterest/Mrs. Howard

Do you have favorite fall bulletin boards and doors? Share the links in the comments below!

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50 Fantastic Fall Bulletin Boards and Doors for Your Classroom