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Print & Go! Staff Meeting Resources on Literacy

Important topics like growth mindset, English learners, and phonics

Convening your teachers effectively at the end of a busy day requires forethought and planning. Keeping teachers engaged and treating them as adult professionals has big payoffs. Just like flipped classrooms, flipped staff meetings clear the way for more meaningful face-to-face time. Below, we’ve shared three creative faculty meeting agenda ideas that combine video teachers can watch in advance with powerful discussion questions that can truly help to change the culture at your school. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside each faculty meeting kit:

  • A free video webinar to use as a starting point for staff meetings
  • Agendas to accompany each webinar and guide your staff meetings
  • Discussion questions to help everyone come to the meeting ready to contribute

Faculty Meeting Agenda Ideas - Free Videos & Resources for Schools

Staff Meeting 1:

Use this motivating staff meeting to focus your staff on helping everyone understand the theory and research behind growth mindset, internalize mindsets about their own learning, and develop strategies for feedback that inspires growth. Teachers will love the concrete phrases and actions they can take back to their classroom to use right away.

Lead the Way to Literacy - Elena Izquierdo

Staff Meeting 2:
Meeting English
Learner Needs

This staff meeting will help teachers explore meeting the academic needs of English learners by discussing equity, evidence, and efficacy. When you give your staff the time and space to share ideas, you can learn so much together.

Lead the Way to Literacy - Anne Cunningham

Staff Meeting 3:

This staff meeting is a must for elementary teachers who work with kids at all literacy levels. Give your staff the opportunity to have deep discussions about phonological awareness as a foundation for reading and spelling. Make sure to have teachers write a list of at least three ideas they can implement in the classroom tomorrow.

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