Teach kids the ins and outs of this important civic right and responsibility with these 12 awesome election videos for learners from PreK through high school. 

1. Vote 

Steve Carrell joins Abby and Elmo as they learn all about the voting process by practicing to vote for their favorite snack. Produced by: Sesame Street  (1:56) Best for PreK-K. 

 2. Election Day

Big Bird learns all about what it looks like to vote on election day, including what a polling place looks like. Produced by: Sesame Street (5:21) Best for grades PreK-K. 

3. Why is Voting Important? 

This video introduces the basics hows and whys of the voting process. Vocabulary words such as ballot, ballot box, voting booths, and election day are explained. Produced by Kids Academy (2:43). Best for grades PreK-2.

4. Voting Fun Facts

This informative video discusses statistics and polls, political parties, tools candidates use to get elected, and more. Produced by the U.S. Government (2:33). Best for grades 1-3.

5. The US Presidential Voting Process

Quick and engaging, this video explains voting districts, ballots, procedures, and how many people it takes to pull off a legitimate election. Produced by Share America (1:59). Best for grades 3-5.

6. How we Choose Our President: Primaries and Caucuses

Learn all about the first round of the election process-primaries and caucuses. Produced by SeePolitical (2:26). Best for grades 3-6.

7. Voting 

12 Great Videos to Teach Students About Elections & voting

In a democracy, making your voice heard is as simple as casting your vote! The idea of giving people a say in government goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. Produced by BrainPop (4:30). Best for grades 3-6.

8. Presidential Elections

Everyone’s favorite robot, Moby, learns all about political parties, fundraising, swing states, mudslinging, and the electoral college. Produced by Brainpop (6:28). Best for grades 3-6.

9. Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained

You vote, but then what? Discover how your individual vote contributes to the popular vote and your state’s electoral vote in different ways. Plus, see how votes are counted on both state and national levels .Produced by TedEd (5:21) Best for middle school.

10. Election Basics

This video explains the nitty-gritty of how elections work in the U.S. in a fast-paced, humorous way. Produced by PBS Digital Studios (8:45). Best for middle and high school students. 

11. History of Voting!  

How have voting rights changed since the first election in 1789? Nicki Beaman Griffin outlines the history of the long fight for a more inclusive electorate. Produced by TED-Ed (4:30). Best for high school students.

12. Should 16-Year-Olds be Allowed to Vote? 

12 Great Videos to Teach Students About Elections & voting

This thought-provoking video weighs the pros and cons of moving the voting age to 16. Along the way, it looks at the history of voting, the teen brain, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. Produced by KQED-Above the Noise (6:00). Best for high school students. 

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12 Great Videos to Teach Students About Elections & Voting