Our Free Dr. Seuss Calendar Features a Favorite Quote for Every Day in March

Download this month’s special calendar, filled with Dr. Seuss quotes!

Download Our Free Dr. Seuss Calendar

In honor of Read Across America and the birthday of the great Dr. Seuss, we put together a special March calendar for your classroom. Each day of the month, you’ll find a new Dr. Seuss quote, surely to inspire your students to “wonder and think.” We encourage you to use these quotes for writing prompts, morning readings, and more. You might even have a discussion with students around which book some of the quotes came from.

Download it, print it, and share it with your students and colleagues. If you use the calendar in the classroom, we’d love to hear about it—either leave a comment on this post or email submissions@weareteachers.com with your stories.


Download the full-sized Dr. Seuss Calendar here. 

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Stacy Tornio is a senior editor with WeAreTeachers. Nearly everyone in her family is a teacher. So she decided to be rebellious and write about teachers instead.

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