October 22, 2021

Today’s Events & Happenings in History

October 22, 1879
Thomas Edison perfects the first version of his invention, the light bulb.

For more: watch this mini bio on Thomas Edison.

Writing Prompt of the Day

Would you rather have lots of money or lots of friends? Why?

Today’s Awesome Person in History

Harriet Tubman:
Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and then worked with the Underground Railroad to guide over 300 people to freedom. During the Civil War she worked as a cook and a nurse for the Union Army. She also turned armed scout and spy.

For more: Watch this video about Harriet Tubman’s escape to freedom from Scholastic.

Math Problem of the Day

A dozen witches meet to plan their Halloween spells. Four witches fly away on their brooms. How many witches are left at the meeting?