October 18, 2021

Today’s Events & Happenings in History

October 18, 1867
The United States purchased a large section of land from Russia, in what became known as the Alaska Purchase.

For more: Watch this video from History Matters on why Russia sold this land to the United States.

Writing Prompt of the Day

If you had a YouTube channel, what would you talk about?

Today’s Awesome Person in History

Marley Dias:
Launched the #100BlackGirlBooks campaign in November 2015, when she was in elementary school! She noticed that the main protagonists in most stories she read were white boys.

Math Problem of the Day

Liam is dressing up as Yoda for Halloween. It takes him a long time to get ready. He starts at 5:10 and finishes at 5:50. How many minutes did it take Liam to get ready?