November 22, 2021

Today’s Events & Happenings in History

November 22, 1995
Pixar's Toy Story was released. It was the first entirely computer-animated feature-length film.

For more: Watch the original Toy Story trailer! Then, write about your favorite character from the series.

Writing Prompt of the Day

What is the most important rule in the classroom?

Today’s Awesome Person in History

Louis Braille
A French educator and inventor of a reading and writing system for use by people who are visually impaired.

For more: Did you know that Braille was a kid inventor? He caught a severe eye infection when he was three years old which rendered him blind. He tried to read by using raised letters, but it was too difficult. When he was twelve, he simplified a method of silent communication used by the French military.

Math Problem of the Day

A Thanksgiving feast began at 3:15 p.m. It lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes. What time did the feast end?