March 3, 2022

Today’s Fascinating Fact!

Fact #252:
Women’s History Day became Women’s History Week in 1978.

The Education Task Force of the Sonoma County Commission on the Status of Women planned and launched a “Women’s History Week” celebration in 1978. Learn more about famous women in STEM in this video!

Brain Puzzle of the Day

Solve this brain puzzle! Answer below.

Word of the Day

Dark blue dye from the indigo plant.

For more: write a paragraph using the word indigo!

Math Problem of the Day

A spring parade starts at 11 a.m. The bagpipe players need to be there 45 minutes early to practice and it takes them 30 minutes to get to the parade route. What time should they leave to get to the parade by 11?


Brain Puzzle: Lockdown

Math Problem: 9:45 a.m.