March 22, 2022

Today’s Fascinating Fact!

Fact #331:
Honeybees are at their friendliest when they swarm!

Honeybees are most likely to swarm in the spring. Even though it sounds scary, they are friendly when they swarm! Learn more about honeybees in this video from SciShow Kids.

Brain Puzzle of the Day

In this 4×4 version of Sudoku, you want to fill each row, column, and quadrant with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. But you can only use each number once. No duplications! Can you solve it?

Would You Rather?

Would you rather have your own personal chef or instantly become a gourmet chef yourself?

Optional: find a partner who has an opposing point of view and discuss!

Math Problem of the Day

Two kangaroos are at the grocery store hopping down the aisles. Kangaroo #1 started at one end of the frozen foods aisle and Kangaroo #2 from the other. When they met, Kangaroo #1 had hopped 164 feet from his end of the block and Kangaroo #2 136 feet from his end. How many total feet long is the frozen foods aisle?


Math Problem: 300 feet!