February 8, 2022

Today’s Fascinating Fact!

Fact #325:
Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges.

In 1847, Boston pharmacist Oliver Chase invented a machine to simplify the process of making lozenges. He then started making Necco candy wafers. Learn more about the history in this video.

Brain Puzzle of the Day

In this 4×4 version of Sudoku, you want to use the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 across, down, and within each quadrant. But you can only use each number once. Can you solve it?

Would You Rather?

Would you rather live in a house with 100 windows and no doors or 100 doors and no windows?

Optional: find a partner who has an opposing point of view and discuss!

Math Problem of the Day

Brady is making pork chops to feed his pet dragon. He made a total of 72 pork chops, but his dragon only ate 48 of them. What fraction of the pork chops did his dragon eat?


Math Problem:The dragon ate 2/3 of the pork chops.