April 19, 2022

Today’s Fascinating Fact!

Fact #335:
About 90 percent of Earth’s freshwater is locked in ice.

Learn more about water on Earth from this video by NASA Space Place.

Brain Puzzle of the Day

In this 4×4 version of Sudoku, you want to fill each row, column, and quadrant with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. But you can only use each number once. No duplications! Can you solve it?

Would You Rather?

Would you rather plant flowers or sort recycling?

Optional: find a partner who has an opposing point of view and discuss!

Math Problem of the Day

Casey and his dad are visiting the International UFO museum. The entry fee for Casey is $24.95. The entry fee for his dad is $31.95. If they pay with $100 bill, how much change will they have left to spend on alien souvenirs?


Math Problem: $43.10