April 1, 2022

Today’s Fascinating Fact!

Fact #105:
April Fools' Day pranks once included putting paper fish on people’s backs! They were “poisson d’avril” (April fish)!

Learn more about April Fools’ Day facts in this video by Homeschool Pop.

Brain Puzzle of the Day

Solve this brain puzzle! Answer below.

Joke of the Day

What monster plays the most April Fools’ jokes?


Math Problem of the Day

As an April Fools' Day prank, Diego decides to fill his brother’s shoes with Cheese Whiz. The Cheese Whiz comes in packs of 4 cans. Diego bought 2 packs but only fit ¾ of the cans of cheese into the shoes. How many cans of Cheese Whiz did Diego empty into his brother’s shoes?


Brain Puzzle: B+lizard = Blizzard

Math Problem: 6