Free Comic Strip Templates: Perfect for World Language Classes

My students love making each comic strip uniquely theirs.

ACTFL Conversational Comic Strips Feature Image

Practice is essential when learning a new language. Our students spend a lot of time in their language classrooms practicing basic vocabulary and conversations. Add some action and energy back into these lessons with this new activity, Conversational Comic Strips.

Picture of two comic strip templates

These three comic strip templates are ready for use in any language classroom. Students can use whatever vocabulary you’re currently practicing to complete the comic strip, and/or you can use them as a way to review what you’ve already taught.

Picture of two comic strip templates

A perfect way to provide students an opportunity to practice conversations while also giving them some freedom to be creative, the template blanks provide numerous opportunities for variation. Additionally, the included teacher’s guide lists different ways you can use these templates in your class as well as different ways to assess and/or display the completed comic strips.