Win Your Choice—iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy!

WeAreTeachers is happy to partner with Bloomz, the award-winning parent-teacher communication app, to bring you this amazing giveaway. Five (5) lucky teachers will each win their very own tablet plus gift cards to buy their favorite apps. Pick your platform. Hard-core Android user? Perfect. We’ve got an 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for you. Loyal to Apple until the day you die? No problem. Win a super-sleek iPad Mini.

Use your brand-new tablet to take your classroom to the next level by incorporating student-led portfolios you can share with parents via Bloomz. Need to keep track of your students’ behavior and share notes about it with your classroom parents? Bloomz can help with that too. Bloomz is the most complete parent-communication app; it lets you post, send messages and share photos with your students’ families, and it’s as easy as Facebook. You can schedule conferences, send last-minute reminders (“Last day for field trip slips!”) and so much more! Plus, Bloomz is free, so you can put your $100 toward adding content to your tablet or get a shiny new case. If you’re using any other app for parent communication, you’re missing out!

Five lucky teachers will win:

A slim tablet that is perfectly sized for  taking photos in the classroom, communicating with parents and so much more. You pick your platform!
gift cards
$50 worth of apps on your preferred platform so that you can load up your new device with all your favorite content!
Plus you’ll get a $50 gift card to Amazon so that you can pick your perfect case. Pretty it up with lots of bling, or go for the indestructable kid-proof case, the choice is yours!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win! Enter now by filling out the form at right.