Whenever it is that you go back, you’re going to need things for your classroom. And your students’ parents will want to help. It’s a win-win … except when you end up with 24 packages of tacky putty and absolutely zero tissues on hand. Make this adorable lemon bowl classroom wishlist and get everything you need to make the school year great.

We know everyone’s teaching situation looks a little bit different, which is why we’ve made this 100% editable!

Set the bowl out for back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, or any other event where kids and parents gather in your classroom. Then, ask people to select a skewer and purchase that item. It couldn’t be any more easy peasy lemon squeeze-y!

Step 1: Get your supplies together

You’ll need a pretty bowl, some lemons, wooden skewers, tape, and a download of our free Classroom Wishlist Printable.

Lemon cut outs printed and flat lay.

Step 2: Customize your list and cut out your lemons

Cut out the lemons that represent the supplies you need. If you see something missing, add it!

Lemon cut outs printed and flat lay.

Step 3: Prepare your lemon skewers

Tape the lemons onto the skewers.

Step 4: Fill your bowl with lemons and then add the skewers

Just poke the skewers into the lemons. (Bonus: Your room will smell fresh & clean too!)

Step 5: You’re all done!

Your students’ parents will love knowing exactly what you need to fully stock your classroom.

We Love This Adorable Lemon-Themed Classroom Wishlist

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