32 Adorable Winter Crafts for Kids That We Want To Try Right Now

It’s getting chilly out there. Let’s make crafts.

With winter weather blowing in across the country, now is the perfect time to get creative in the classroom! Try one (or more) of these adorable, easy-to-do classroom winter crafts and watch your kids light up. Perfect just for fun or as a present to take home for the holiday season. Pair your craft session with a winter-themed read-aloud for extra learning and fun.

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1. Irresistible Pinecone Crafts

Pine cone crafts that look like elves and hedgehogs.Pinecone crafts that look like owls and fairies.

This blogger has created the cutest pinecone crafts ever! From the adorable elves and hedgehogs to the fairies and owls, your kids will flip for these little forest creatures.

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2. Cheerio Bird Feeders

Heart shaped bird feeder made from Cheerios.

Share the love with our fine feathered friends. Create shapes with bendable wire, thread with Cheerios, add a ribbon, and hang!


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3. Whimsical Snow People

Snowman winter classroom crafts made from paper rolls

Aren’t these guys just the cutest things? Another genius idea made from paper towel or TP rolls. Add a splash of color with bright buttons and felt scarves.

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4. Easy Arctic Fox

Winter fox craft made from paper plates and tissue paper

Sighting an arctic fox is considered lucky in some cultures. This simple version is made from paper plates, white paper, googly eyes, and a black pom-pom for the nose.

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5. Mug of Hot Cocoa

Craft stick mug of hot chocolate craft

Get into the holiday spirit with a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate (or at least a craft that looks like one). All you need are craft sticks, glue, cotton balls, and paint to create these adorable winter crafts in the classroom.

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6. Pinecone Winter Owl

Fluffy white owl craft made from pinecone

Read the timeless classic Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, then make your own wintry white owls. The pinecone base holds the cotton fluff perfectly and gives the owl a feathered look. Add wings and the head and your owl is ready to perch!

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7. Giant 3D Paper Snowflake

These giant snowflakes are simple to make if you follow the directions step by step. And hanging them from the classroom ceiling or in windows? Stunning!

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8. Orange Peel Garland

Beads made from orange peels

Create a beautiful garland with dried orange peels rolled up into beads. Drape these around your tree or across your windows.

Learn more: Krokotak

9. Mix-and-Match Stone Snowmen

Snowmen winter crafts for the classroom made out of painted stones.

All you need for this craft is flat rocks, white paint, and colored Sharpies. Decorate each stone as one part of a snowman, and once you’re done, you can mix and match the bodies or stack them up to build a really tall snowman!

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10. Snowy Day Collage

Snowy day collage with construction paper trees and paint.

Use bright-color construction paper, Sharpies, and white paint to create these charming snowy forest scenes.

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11. Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Bird feeder made from a small pumpkin hanging in a tree

Make a treat for your fine feathered friends with this pumpkin bird feeder. Hollow out a small pumpkin (or acorn squash). Then, using a sharp knife (grown-ups only!), puncture the pumpkin in four places. Feed sticks through to act as perches and hanging hooks. Fill the gourd with birdseed and hang it in a nearby tree.

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12. Old-Fashioned Orange Pomanders

Orange pomaders in a bowl

There was a time when every schoolkid brought one of these home for their mom, but we’re thinking this one has skipped a generation. So why not bring it back into fashion? Your home will smell delicious and they make a great centerpiece.

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13. Pinch Pot Snowman

Snow person pinch pots as winter crafts for the classroom.

The secret to making pinch pots is using the right kind of clay. This version uses air-dry clay. Once the sections are formed (see tutorial below), give them plenty of time to dry. Then treat them to a coat of glossy white paint, add pipe cleaner arms, face, and buttons.

Learn more: Red Ted Art

14. Yarn-Wrapped Stars

Star ornament winter crafts for the classroom wrapped in colorful yarn.

Not only are these little ornaments cute, they help kids work on their fine motor skills. For a full explanation, click the link below.

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15. Glittery Snow Globe

Glittery trees in a mason jar as a snow globe.

This mesmerizing mason jar snow globe is not just pretty, it can also be used as a calm-down tool.

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16. Shredded-Paper Winter Animals

Shredded paper classroom winter crafts snowy animals.

Finally, a great use for shredded documents! This tactile craft is fun and easy for little ones to put together.

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17. No-Sew Sock Penguin

No-sew sock penguin wearing winter hat.

This rice-filled sock craft is so simple—a little cutting and a little gluing, and your students have a new little buddy.

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18. Swirly Glue and Glitter Snowmen

Painted snowmen using swirly glitter glue and buttons.

Only for the brave of heart—because this craft involves glitter! Start with a watercolor background, then add swirls of white glue. Before the glue dries, sprinkle on glitter. Once the glue dries, add accessories such as button eyes and fabric scarves.

Learn more: I Heart Crafty Things

19. Stuck in a Snow Globe

Classroom winter crafts for snow globe writing.

Making your own snow globes is simple when you use clear plastic bowls, photos of your students, and this adorable writing prompt!

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20. Icy Cold Snow Paint

Snow paint snowman winter crafts for the classroom.

Your kids will love using this creamy, puffy paint to whip up a snowman friend. Here’s a tip: When you chill the glue beforehand, it really feels like snow!

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21. Over and Under the Snow

Over and Under the Snow art project

Read Kate Messner’s charming storybook of the same name, then create your own winter scene.

Learn more: Leah Newton Art

22. Classroom Igloo

Classroom igloo made of milk jugs.

Start recycling now, people! This cozy snow fort is a great cooperative-learning and engineering project for the whole class.

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23. Fingerprint Snow People

Finger paint snow people on tiles as example of winter crafts for the classroom.

Tiny canvases, acrylic paint, and toothpicks (oh, and fingers!) are all you need for this adorable keepsake.

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24. Custom Candles

Candle painted with stars and dots.

Use heat transfer to make these delightful and original candles. So clever!

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25. Winter Tree Silhouette

Winter tree watercolor art project.

Use masking tape to create the shape of a winter tree, then paint a watercolor wash over the whole page. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape, and you’ll have this beautiful winter scene.

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26. Pasta Snowflakes

Snowflake winter classroom crafts made from pasta

A simple stunner! All you need is a variety of pasta shapes, glue, and white spray paint. Tie a pretty ribbon on them and hang them in the window or on your Christmas tree, if you have one.

Learn more: Goods Home Design

27. Snowflake Trees

Winter trees made from paper snowflakes.

Here’s a fun twist on the age-old art of paper snowflakes. All you need is a bundle of sticks, some white copy paper, and scissors. Warning: You might want to have the recycle bin handy to capture all the scraps!

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28. Stained-Glass Mittens

Stained glass mittens hung on classroom window.

Your kids will love seeing the sunlight dance across these stained-glass mittens. You provide the frame, then they glue the squares of tissue paper. Simple!

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29. Silly Melted Snowmen

Melting snowmen craft made from felt

A new twist on the classic snowman craft. This hilarious craft is simple to make and will put a smile on your students’ faces.

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30. Snowy Forest Scene

Aspen trees and birds art project.

This blogger paired this winter scene activity with the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert.

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31. Glittery Icicles

Glittery icicles winter crafts for the classroom hanging from tree.

Believe it or not, the base of these classroom winter crafts is plastic milk bottles. A gorgeous way to reuse and recycle an everyday object.

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32. Twig Stars

Star crafts made from twigs

Simple yet lovely, these nature-inspired stars are made from twigs and decorated with ribbon, twine, and berries. Attach a bright-red ribbon and hang them from willow branches in a vase, or suspend them in front of a window.

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Brr, it's cold out there! Sounds like a perfect time to get creative! Try one (or more!) of these easy classroom winter crafts.