AI for Teachers: 33 Tools To Make Your Life Easier in 2024

These AI tools for teachers help you save time for the important stuff.

Collage of AI for teachers tools, including Hello History and Animaker
We Are Teachers; Hello History; Animaker

While ChatGPT is soaking up all the glory right now, there are plenty of AI tools for teachers that should be on every educator’s radar. From personalizing learning experiences to automating administrative tasks, AI tools have the potential to transform teaching and learning. Although some teachers are hesitant to embrace AI, there are numerous productive ways to use AI tools like ChatGPT in the classroom. Try these options to see how AI for teachers can save you time, effort, and energy.


Goal: I want an easy way to grade multiple-choice assessments.

Scantron machines have made grading multiple-choice tests a breeze, but they require you to have access to special equipment. Akindi does away with that, allowing you to create and score bubble sheet assessments from any computer with a scanner. It can also record scores automatically and sync with your LMS. (Contact Akindi for pricing.)


Goal: I want to make fun animated videos.

Add interest to your lessons with AI-generated animated videos! Customize your characters, choose a style, and make it all your own. Kids can use this, too, to create fun book reports and presentations. (Free trial, plans start at $12.50/month.)

Bing Image Creator

Goal: I want to encourage creativity.

Bing Image Creator is an awesome AI tool that combines existing images from the Internet to generate custom composite images. It can be used in the classroom to create visuals for presentations and design custom graphics. This is a great resource for spicing up your creative-writing routine by having your students create unique characters for storytelling. (Free)


Goal: I want to give students help even when I’m not there.

When students are working on homework or independent study, they sometimes get stuck and don’t have anyone to ask for help. Enter Brainly! This AI learning companion can provide explanations, talk students through equations, and more. As a teacher, this tool can give you alternate ways to explain things to students too. (Free for teachers; student plans start at $9.99 per month.)


Canva Magic Studio

Goal: I want help creating presentations and videos.

Canva has several AI tools that are great for the classroom. Magic Design’s AI helps you build slides and other visual aids from text and images. Trouble coming up with the words? Magic Write can provide them. This rich collection has so many possibilities for education! (Free for teachers, students, and schools)


Goal: I want an all-in-one suite of AI tools designed specifically for education.

Cognii’s AI learning platform includes a virtual learning assistant, writing assessment tool, data analytics, and more. These are the types of thoughtfully designed tools that make AI for teachers truly useful and meaningful. (Contact Cognii for pricing.)


Goal: I want to create standards-aligned assessments.

Conker helps teachers create multiple-choice, read-and-respond, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes. It will also read questions out loud for students, and it integrates with the Canvas LMS. (Free basic plan, paid plans with extra features start at $3.99/month.)


Goal: I want to streamline planning and prep.

With Education Copilot, educators can access an unlimited amount of AI-based assistance to virtually streamline all areas of the teaching craft. With this one-stop shop, you can access curriculum-aligned content, generate activities, and track student performance. Try any or all of its handy features to boost your planning efficiency. ($9/month; school and district pricing available)


Goal: I want to create interactive presentations.

Make your slide presentations interactive by letting Curipod use AI to incorporate polls, drawings, questions, and more. Students respond on their own devices, with results shown on the main screen. Kids stay engaged, and the learning increases. (Free basic plan; premium plan starts at $15/month.)


Goal: I want help differentiating learning activities.

Differentiated learning is key to helping all students in your classroom succeed, but it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas. Diffit can help, using AI to provide “just right” instructional materials based on standards, grade levels, and more. (Contact Diffit for pricing.)


Goal: I want an all-in-one AI tool for teachers.

Formative offers so many ways to use AI for teachers. For instance, you can add time-stamped questions to YouTube videos, detect copy-and-paste answers, and transform a PDF or Google Doc to an auto-graded quiz. And that’s just the start! (Free basic plan; unlock more features with paid plans starting at $15/month.)


Goal: I want to boost my students’ writing skills.

This awesome AI platform provides real-time grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style suggestions for any written content. You can leverage Grammarly to streamline essay grading or to facilitate independent or peer-review practices for written assignments. (Free basic plan, premium starts at $12/month.)

Hello History

Goal: I want to bring history to life for my students.

This one-of-a-kind AI app facilitates lifelike conversations with historical figures. Students can get a detailed personal perspective on life, history, and the world from some of the most influential figures of all time. (Monthly subscription starts at $5.99.)


Goal: I want an AI-powered teaching assistant.

Teachers already love Khan Academy for its incredible selection of free courses and lessons. Now Khanmigo is here to make your life even easier, with AI tools like an exit ticket generator, directions writer, reading leveler, and so much more. And it’s all free for teachers! (Free)


Goal: I want a one-stop shop for AI tools.

No matter what type of AI for teachers you’re looking for, MagicSchool probably has it! Their suite of more than 60 tools covers pretty much everything teachers do. Plus, the interface has built-in training to help you use it easily and discover everything it can do for you. (Free, with extra features available starting at $12.99/month)

Parlay Ideas

Goal: I want to spark student discussions.

Students participate in discussions virtually using this written roundtable tool. Teachers can use the AI-driven features to generate better discussion questions to get everything started. It’s an ideal tool for Socratic seminars! (Free robust basic plan, with premium plan available)


Goal: I want a smarter search engine.

Tired of wading through endless Google results to find what you’re looking for? Not sure how to word a good search to find what you need? Try Perplexity! You can simply pose your question or request in natural language and get a clear answer. You can even ask for more information or clarification. Just remember to verify your answer with a trusted source, since AI can make mistakes. (Free, with paid upgrades available)


Goal: I want to give students a safe place to talk about their feelings.

Chatbots can be a bit impersonal, but Pi was designed to be the “friendly” chatbot. It’s especially helpful for talking through feelings or worries, since it’s completely anonymous. Pi can also help with homework questions, research, and more. (Free)


Goal: I want to create interesting Kahoot questions.

This tool can generate questions from a variety of sources and even add images. Then, you can export them to Kahoot, Quizizz, or other learning platforms. (Free basic plan, premium plans start at $7/month.)


Goal: I want to improve my phrasing.

Have you ever felt like you’re just repeating yourself in an effort to get your point across, when what you really need is a new way to say it? Try an AI paraphrasing tool like Quillbot, which can sharpen and clarify your written communications. Oh, and it works in multiple languages too! (Free basic plan, with premium plans available)


Goal: I want to generate quality assessment questions.

Writing strong assessments is an important way to measure student progress, but it can be time-consuming. Let AI for teachers help you out with Quizbot, which can generate questions from text, video, audio, and even images. If offers a wide array of question types, and makes it easy to export your assessments to learning management systems or other tools. (Plans start at $8/month.)

Quizlet Plus

Goal: I want to help my students use their notes to study more effectively.

Feed in your notes, and Quizlet Plus will create flash cards and other review materials automatically. You can also use the chatbot feature to quiz you—it will analyze your answers, prompt for more information, and coach you to a better understanding of a topic. ($7.99/month or $35.99/year)


Goal: I want to save time making slides.

SlidesAI automatically generates slide templates, recommends appropriate fonts and color schemes, and provides guidance on optimizing the overall visual impact of presentations. Simply enter the text that you want to create your presentation from, customize the look, and voilĂ ! (Free)

Socratic by Google

Goal: I want to offer my students free homework help.

Socratic is an AI app (available for iOS and Android) designed to assist students with their academic questions. It provides helpful step-by-step explanations, relevant resources, and content to help students enhance their understanding. (Free)


Goal: I want to help struggling readers.

This is one of the best AI-based text-to-speech tools. Emergent readers can follow along with the text as it is read aloud, helping them to better understand the content and improve their comprehension skills. Older students with reading challenges can use it to help with reading in any subject, allowing them to focus on the content rather than the reading itself. (Free basic plan; premium plan is $139/year.)

Speaker Coach

Goal: I want to be a better public speaker.

Whether you want to brush up your own slideshow presentation skills or help your students improve theirs, Speaker Coach can help. This AI tool can detect and evaluate your vocabulary, pacing, tone, and more. (Free)

Goal: I want a summary of videos.

Doing some research on a topic and need to save time? Not sure if a video is worth assigning for your class? Try this AI tool that summarizes the content for you. (Free basic plan, premium upgrade available)

Talkpal AI

Goal: I want to give my world language students a way to practice chatting.

The best way to become fluent in a new language is to practice, practice, practice! Students can use this AI chatbot to have conversations about just about anything in more than 50 languages. It offers real-time feedback on their responses too. (Basic plan includes 10 minutes of chat per day for free; education licenses available)

Turnitin Similarity

Goal: I want to catch potential plagiarism and AI-generated work.

While we wish we could always trust students, the truth is teachers need good plagiarism and AI detectors these days, and this is one of our favorites. Encourage students to use it too, so they can avoid accidental plagiarism, which is surprisingly common. (Similarity is part of the wider suite of Turnitin products; contact them for pricing.)


Goal: I want an AI tool just for ELA teachers.

Build lessons from scratch, find new writing prompts and essay ideas, create vocab lists and activities, and more. ELA teachers can find just about anything they need here. (Basic free plan; Pro starts at $11.95/month.)


Goal: I want to highlight key concepts in videos.

Annotate and add comments to videos you’ve assigned students to watch independently. This tool is awesome for guided note-taking—just annotate some key ideas throughout a video to prompt students toward noting the important stuff. (Free)

Wolfram Alpha

Goal: I want to provide step-by-step help for math equations.

This AI tool for education provides answers and step-by-step solutions to complex concepts. Primarily used for math, this tool can essentially coach your students through any math problem using familiar, replicable methods; it acts almost as a tutor or academic coach. Use it for assessment prep, homework help, and more. (Free)


Goal: I want to create quizzes quickly.

Input text or even a URL and this AI tool for teachers will generate quiz questions in a snap. You can review and customize the questions, which are available as multiple-choice, true-or-false, and fill-in-the-blank. (Free plan offers three quizzes per month; $4.99/month for unlimited access and improved features.)

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Move over, ChatGPT! These AI tools for teachers help you save time and energy you can use with students in your classroom instead.