51 Powerful Ways To Use Canva for Education (Plus Free Templates)

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Two Canva for Education templates including meet the teacher slide and Poetry Bingo board.

Canva for Education is a game-changer, from nailing whole-group lessons to wowing students with new collaborative group activities, all in just a few clicks. And the cherry on top? Sending Canva projects straight to Google Classroom! Plus, Canva isn’t just for creating lessons and activities for kiddos—it’s a lifesaver for quickly and easily designing just about any type of classroom materials. Meet the Teacher posters? Check. Classroom schedule cards? You bet. And my all-time fave: those weekly parent letters that make me look like I’ve got everything under control (Shh, our secret!).

Ready to get started with Canva for Education? Below you’ll find simple step-by-step instructions to set up your free account and tips and tricks for how to make the most of it. Plus, there are 50 awesome ideas for using Canva with links to Canva templates for everything from student activities to classroom decor and more!

How To Use Canva for Education: Get Your Free Account

Canva platform- Canva for Education

Once you get the hang of Canva for Education, you’ll be shouting from the rooftops (or maybe just the teachers lounge) about how much you love it. Trust me, it’s like having a magic wand for your overflowing teacher plate.

Get started with Canva for Education by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Get Verified” button designated for teachers.
  2. Register using your school email address via Google, Microsoft, Clever, or email sign-in options.
  3. Verify your email address with Canva by checking your inbox for a “confirm your email” message. Don’t forget to look in junk, spam, or other folders if you can’t find it.
  4. When prompted, choose “Teacher” as your primary use for Canva and indicate your teaching level (higher education, primary/secondary [K-12], or other).
  5. Select “Claim Canva for Education” and confirm your active educator status by providing your name, school name, address, and website.
  6. Share the subjects and grades you teach so Canva can tailor templates and content to your needs.
  7. Submit your information, and you’ll become a verified Canva for Education user either immediately or within a few days!

Be sure to review Canva’s eligibility criteria to confirm that you qualify for a free Canva for Education account.

How To Use Canva for Education if You’re Already a Canva User


You can easily upgrade to a Canva for Education account without losing any of your previous designs. Simply follow this link and the steps above.

Canva for Education Tips and Tricks

  • Free Canva for the Classroom Online Course: Level up your skills and boost your confidence.
  • Canva Lesson Plan: See a sample lesson plan designed for secondary students to introduce Canva for Education in your classroom.
  • LMS Integration: Find out how to seamlessly integrate Canva with Learning Management Systems, such as Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, D2L, Blackboard, Moodle, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • Canva Video Resources for Teaching: Learn how to simplify your teaching experience with Canva.
  • Creating and Managing Folders: Organize your Canva items efficiently using folders, just like you would on other digital platforms.
  • Education Templates: Canva offers numerous templates, but this resource focuses specifically on education-related ones.
  • Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks: This blog covers everything from starting with Canva to navigating the interface, uploading images, and discovering the best Canva hacks.
  • Bulk Create: Save time creating personalized student items with Canva’s Bulk Create feature, an incredibly useful yet lesser-known tool.

Canva Templates To Kick Off the School Year

1. All About Me

All about me shoe logo

Yves Hart, a K-5 district instructional coach from Maplewood, New Jersey, recommends using her All About Me Canva template at the beginning or end of the year to encourage students to celebrate their individuality while sharing about themselves.

Use Yves Hart’s template: All About Me Shoe Design Worksheet

Alternate template: All About Me Hat Logo Design Worksheet

2. Class Syllabus

Class syllabus

Amy Elliott, an eighth grade teacher from California, Missouri, shares, “My district requires every class to have a syllabus, but I’ve yet to meet a middle schooler who reads them until I started using this design. It’s more eye-catching than its bare-bones cousin and the template encourages concision.”

Use Amy Elliott’s template: Course Syllabus

3. Meet the Teacher

Example of a meet the teacher poster Canva template

Elliott also recommends using a “meet the teacher” Canva template. She shares it at open house night to introduce herself to students and their families. “It’s quick to prepare and helps break the ice as well as starts rapport building by being the first to put myself out there.”

Use Dani Quintana’s template: Meet the Teacher Template – Beige

Alternate templates: Meet the Teacher Templates

4. Would You Rather

Would you rather template

Rozanne Rosenberg, curriculum developer, editor, and resource creator on Instagram and TpT from New Jersey, shares, “I love this Would You Rather activity to kick off the school year. Rather than asking students to choose between two random things, this activity centers around learning styles and preferences with questions like ‘Would you rather spend an hour reading or spend an hour solving a math problem?’ I would print each set of questions and mount them around the room, then have students walk around silently and place a dot sticker in the column with their preference. We’d come back together and discuss the data as a class and notice any patterns. You could also turn it into a graphing lesson! Most years, I would repeat the activity with families on Back to School Night. Then I would show my students how their grown-ups’ results were similar to or different from theirs!”

Use Rozanne Rosenberg’s template: Would You Rather

5. Exploring Identity

What's in a Name sheet- Canva for Education

Rosenberg also uses Canva to design quick and easy worksheets. She says, “These worksheets are part of a unit that I designed centered around exploring identity. It’s great to kick off the year or to do it in April as part of your Poetry Month activities. Students are encouraged to explore the origins of their names by interviewing loved ones and then planning out some adjectives to use in creating an acrostic poem of their name.”

Use Rosanne Rosenberg’s template: What’s in a Name?

Alternate template: Acrostic Name Poem

6. Personalized Punch Cards

Reward punch cards

Are you ready to add some excitement to your classroom with personalized reward punch cards? Whether it’s for encouraging positive student behaviors, celebrating completed homework, or simply ensuring devices are charged for class, these customizable punch cards are the perfect solution for end-of-the-year shenanigans! Get ready to see motivation and enthusiasm skyrocket as students eagerly work toward their goals.

Use this template: Positive Behavior Punch Cards

Canva Templates To Celebrate the End of the School Year

7. Celebrate Your Students

Reader of the Month certificate as an example of Canva for Education templates

In Canva, when you navigate to “All Templates” and then “Certificates,” you’ll find plenty of options to help you celebrate student achievements. Steffy McCourt, an English teacher from Plymouth, Michigan, shares, “These templates are a fun place to let your imagination run wild. You could create a certificate for the best question of the week or the most voracious reader of the month. Does the kid who made a joke that had everyone on the floor laughing deserve a certificate? Absolutely!”

Use Steffy McCourt’s template: Reader of the Month

Alternate template: Mathematics Certificate

8. End-of-Year Reflection

2021 end of year reflection sheet- Canva for Education

Get your students excited about reflecting on their year or a class you’ve taught with this vibrant and captivating template. This end-of-the-year reflection activity takes the hassle out of creating a reflection activity for your students, making it an enjoyable and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Use this template: End of Year Reflection

9. Memory Book

End of Year Journal

Introducing the ultimate memory book, packed with everything your students would love to include in their end-of-year journal. This amazing keepsake captures cherished moments with friends, favorite events, beloved teachers, fondest memories, and so much more.

Use this template: Colorful End of Year Journal

10. End-of-Year Bingo

Class bingo sheet- Canva for Education

Get ready for an exhilarating class activity—introducing the end-of-year Class Bingo! With your students having spent the year getting to know each other, they’ll be thrilled to fill their bingo cards with ease. This awesome game is guaranteed to bring loads of excitement and energy to the last few days of school, as students celebrate their friendships and shared experiences.

Use this template: Friendship Class Bingo

Canva Templates for Your Daily Routines

11. Morning Meeting Slides

Morning meeting slides template

“This is a template I designed for Morning Meeting,” shares Rozanne Rosenberg. “You can use it directly in Canva and present from there, or export it and put it into Google Slides and then insert text boxes with your message, morning work, and joke of the day, or other categories that work for your class.”

Use Rozanne Rosenberg’s template: Morning Meeting Slides

Alternate template: Colorful Muted Morning Meeting Presentation Slides

12. Soft Start Anchor Chart

Soft start anchor chart- Canva for Education

Yves Hart uses Canva to remind her students of their soft start choices daily. “Teachers start the day in a way that allows students voice and choice. This soft start menu gives students a visual of what choices are available to them. The best part of Canva is that the graphics are included.”

Use Yves Hart’s template: Soft Start Anchor Chart

13. Student Greetings

Classroom greetings list

Here’s another simple and easy way to greet students daily from Yves Hart. She shares, “Part of student engagement is how students start the day. This poster can be displayed at the door to show various ways to greet the teacher or each other. Students can pick an option upon arrival. This is a great way to build a community in a quick, non-verbal way.”

Use Yves Hart’s template: Classroom Greetings

Alternate template: Good Morning Classroom Greetings Poster

14. SEL Morning Check-In

SEL morning check-in

Discover the world of SEL check-ins for students of all ages with versatile Canva templates. Whether you choose to kick off the day with a whole-class check-in on your smartboard or send out a thoughtful weekly check-in as the week wraps up, these engaging templates are perfect for any situation. Don’t miss the chance to connect with your students on a deeper level, fostering emotional well-being and creating a supportive learning environment.

Use these templates: Primary Age Check-In and Secondary Age Check-In

15. Question of the Day (Attendance Question)

Question of the day with flower backdrop- Canva for Education

Looking for a fresh and exciting way to take daily attendance in your classroom? Try putting up a thought-provoking question of the day on the board as students arrive, and have them respond either digitally or with a sticky note! This innovative approach not only tracks who’s present for class but also sparks curiosity and engagement from the very start of the day.

Use this template: Question of the Day

Canva Templates for Classroom Games

16. This or That?

Pizza or hamburger this or that sheet- Canva for Education

Rozanne Rosenberg shares, “Canva is a great tool to put together engaging slides for students quickly. This or That? is a fun game that engages students in the physical or virtual classroom. Project each slide and then have students make a choice and discuss it with a partner.”

Use Rozanne Rosenberg’s template: This or That? Getting to Know You

Alternate template: This or That Energizer Game

17. Guess the Word

Guess the word rules sheet

In search of an engaging game in a snap? Try the “Guess the Word” game, complete with easy-to-follow instructions for students and an alternating play between Team A and B.

Use this template: Guess the Word

18. Memory Game

Memory games- Canva for Education

Whether you’re a kindergarten educator guiding your students through a number-based memory game, or a high school geography instructor assessing your pupils’ understanding of South American countries, there’s an abundance of pre-made and adjustable memory game templates available for you to print, cut, and utilize with your students.

Use these templates: Colorful Numbers Memory Game and Halloween Memory Game

19. Trivia

True or false trivia sheet

Regardless of whether you’re searching for an entertaining trivia game for your upcoming staff gathering, a method to revise material for a specific topic, or simply an enjoyable activity for a Friday, don’t miss out on the fantastic trivia games and templates available.

Use this template: Trivia Game

20. Four Corners

Favorite fruit 4 corners game

In search of a speedy icebreaker that avoids putting anyone on the spot and gets everyone moving and mingling instead? Give this four corners game a go! It’s perfect for getting everyone chatting with loads of different people. It even includes the directions!

Use this template: Four Corners Ice Breaker Game

Canva Templates for Classroom Setup and Decor

21. Google Classroom Banner

Google classroom banner- Canva for Education

Amy Elliott shares, “I like personalizing my space, be it my classroom or its digital equivalent. This banner can be further customized to reflect class sections, etc. They’re also quick to make if you feel like updating them throughout the school year.”

Use Amy Elliott’s template: English Class Classroom Banner

Alternate template: Google Classroom Banners

22. Beautiful LMS Buttons

Buttons for different tools

Want to personalize your LMS? Check out these awesome buttons that Steffy McCourt created for Canvas. She recommends searching “Canvas Banner” and “Canvas Buttons” for more Canvas design inspo than you even knew existed.

Use this template: Green Playful Boho Canvas Button

23. Classroom Labels, Tags, and Posters

Decor for different subjects- Canva for Education

Rozanne Rosenberg shares, “Classroom decor is super easy with Canva! You can use the icons and images available in the system as I did here for library book bin labels (left) and schedule tags (right), or you can import other clipart that you purchase. These were made as a table, with background color overlaid using a white box, the text, and the icon image.” You can also find and customize templates like posters for voice level, motivational posters, class rules, name tags, and more.

Use Rozanne Rosenberg’s templates: Schedule Tags and Book Bin Labels

Alternate template: Back to School Classroom Decor – Modern Boho

24. Schedule Cards

Schedule cards with school subjects written on them

“A staple in classrooms, giving students the visual cues for the flow of the day,” says Yves Hart. “Teachers can create their own using Canva templates. An awesome money saver and a way to ensure that whatever theme is chosen can truly be represented in every corner of the classroom.”

Similar template: Schedule Card Labels

25. Letters and Numbers

Aa for alligator- Canva for Education

No matter what classroom theme (like cactus classroom) or color scheme (such as soothing blues) you’ve got going on in your classroom, Canva’s got a super-cute template that’ll perfectly match your classroom vibe.

Use these templates: Letter Pennants, Alphabet With Words, and Ten-Frame Numbers

Canva Templates for ELA

26. Wonder Map

Empty mind map template- Canva for Education

“I got this exercise from David Lee Finkle, and it’s one of the first exercises I do with my students each year,” says Steffy McCourt. “The goal is to have them list 3-5 (or many more) questions/topics they wonder about. Then, as we start writing throughout the year, they can pick topics off their wonder map to explore in more detail.”

Use Steffy McCourt’s template: Mind Map Brainstorm

27. The Storyboard

Storyboard template sheet

Every year Amy Elliott’s eighth graders participate in National Novel Writing Month’s Young Writers’ Program. “They set writing goals (usually between 2,000 and 10,000 words) and write original short stories over the course of a month. This exercise helps them get the foundation of their story lined out in a visual and engaging way,” shares Amy.

Use Amy Elliott’s template: Plot Comic Storyboard

Alternate template: Blank Simple 6 Panel Storyboard

28. Engaging Read-Aloud Slides

Zelda and the Runaways read-aloud slides- Canva for Education

Yves Hart uses Canva templates for picture books in the image for prompting and student engagement. Yves recommends that you “Use graphics, pictures, or clipart already available on the site or download your own.”

Use Yves Hart’s template: Zelda and the Runaways

Alternate template: Read-Aloud for Young Children Infographic

29. Informational Slides

Personification slide

In search of ELA informational slides for your upcoming whole- or small-group session? Explore the pre-designed informational slides available on Canva. While these slides can save you significant time and effort, always remember to verify the accuracy of the information before using them in your lessons.

Use these templates: Figurative Language Lesson Slides and Small-Group Practice

Canva Templates for Math

30. Foundational Skills Practice

Time to do Subtraction sheet- Canva for Education

Whether you aim to help your students improve their counting, addition, subtraction, or shape-identification skills, Canva offers a wealth of mathematical resources to support learners in grasping the fundamental concepts of math.

Use this template: Subtraction Math Foundational Worksheet

31. 3D Shapes

3d shapes cut-out template

Experience the excitement of hands-on activities with 3D shape nets and versatile templates for a fun learning experience. Enhance graphing and data analysis lessons with unique cubes designed for data collection, bringing increased engagement to your classroom.

Use these templates: Cube, Triangular Pyramid, or Data Dice

32. Math Maze

Math maze sheet- Canva for Education

Searching for a captivating review activity to energize your math class? Dive into this customizable maze, which centers around decimals but can be tailored to suit any math unit. Watch as your students immerse themselves in a thrilling and interactive learning experience!

Use this template: Decimals Math Maze

33. Informational Slides

Informational slide

Discover Canva’s extensive range of math lesson slides, designed for educators teaching kindergarten through high school. For high school teachers delving into probability and statistics, explore these comprehensive probability slides that cover crucial aspects of the subject, ensuring a solid foundation for your student’s learning experience.

Use this template: Math Probability Presentation

Canva Templates for Science

34. Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

Seeking a charming periodic table of elements poster that reflects your unique style? Customize fonts, colors, and more to create the perfect match for your vibe. Once you’ve tailored it to your liking, print it out and enhance your classroom with a touch of personality!

Use this template: Periodic Table of Elements Poster

35. Science Notebooks

Earth's layers template- Canva for Education

Whether you’re utilizing digital notebooks, assigning individual pages for each investigation, or opting for hard-copy notebooks, these versatile note templates serve as an excellent starting point for a wide range of science topics. Enhance your students’ learning experience by exploring these adaptable resources tailored for diverse educational needs.

Use this template: Earth’s Layers Science Notebook Sheet or Science Notebook Setup

36. Doodle Notes

Vocab doodle notes

Unleash creativity in science class with this simple doodle note sheet for any unit. Spark curiosity and enhance learning through engaging visuals.

Use this template: Vocab Doodle Notes

37. Informational Slides

Conductors slide

Discover Sylph Creatives’ incredible science presentations on Canva. Explore heat energy, the ear’s anatomy, and the solar system with these captivating visuals.

Use this template: Ruby From Sylph Creatives

Canva Templates for Social Studies

38. Current Events

Current events empty template- Canva for Education

Capture the week’s top events with this versatile worksheet. Kids of all ages can jot down key news or social media highlights to discuss in social studies class.

Use this template: Current Events Bell Ringer or Homework Worksheet 

39. World Traveler’s Passport

World Traveler's Passport

Learning about countries around the world? Use this fun passport template as a way for student to take notes or share their knowledge.

Use this template: World Traveler Passport

Alternate template: Around the World Notes

40. Capitals, States, and Countries

Capitals, states, and countries sheets

Master geography with these engaging worksheets. Practice U.S. states and capitals, and identify flags from around the world. They even have flash cards for you to print and cut for students to use when studying.

Use these templates: United States Capitals Geography and Countries Flags Worksheet

41. Informational Slides

Broader topic of the question informational slide- Canva for Education

Test your knowledge of various government types with these premade slides. A fun and interactive way for students to learn with activities like completing the word, country government identification, and some multiple choice. These types of slides could be used for whole-group lessons, small-group quiz reviews, or the quiz itself!

Use this template: Types of Government

Canva Templates for General Classroom Activities

42. Bingo Choice Board

Poetry bingo sheet

“Want your students to write for an audience? Want to give students a choice in how to ‘publish’ their work? Gamify it by using a Bingo Template,” recommends Steffy McCourt. “You can offer a little prize for students who get a bingo or the prize can be the work itself.”

Use Steffy McCourt’s template: Poetry Bingo

Alternate template: Classroom Content Bingo

43. Student Work Gallery

Title of poem gallery template

Use a gallery template for students to show off their work like McCourt, who shares, “Students can check out their classmate’s work as they complete their own slide. Finally, teachers use the gallery next school year to show students examples of what they are going to create!”

Use Steffy McCourt’s template: Student Work: Gallery Template

44. Brainstorming Graphic Organizer

Story idea board template- Canva for Education

“Create an interactive whiteboard where students can share their ideas, knowledge, and questions simultaneously. They can also interact with each other by adding stickers. Teachers can add a timer so that students can learn to manage their time effectively,” shares Steffy McCourt.

Use Steffy McCourt’s template: Idea Brainstorming Classroom Graphic Organizer

45. Collaborative Assignments

Magic Monday template sheet

With the ability to assign tasks directly through Canva or effortlessly via their numerous LMS integrations, getting students to collaborate on a shared activity is a piece of cake! Be it an SEL check-in for every day of the week, a brainstorming session, or a group project, Canva makes the whole process smooth and hassle-free for both teachers and students.

Use this template: Colorful Daily SEL Group Work

46. Instructional Coach Menu

Instructional coach writing center menu with pencil illustrations.

Steffy McCourt shares, “There are so many menus in Canva templates. Try converting one into a tantalizing selection of coaching services. Make it extra tempting by delivering it to teachers with homemade cookies.”

Use this template: Instructional Coaching Menu

47. Group Brainstorming Graphic Organizer

Bubbling with ideas template

Ignite creativity and collaboration in your classroom with this versatile brainstorming activity. Students begin by independently generating ideas, then join forces with their group to combine and refine their thoughts. Finally, they share their collective insights with the entire class. This engaging process can be applied to any content area—from exploring themes in reading to devising solution strategies for math problems.

Use this template: Bubbling With Ideas

48. Video Presentations

Time to learn more- Canva for Education

Discover the ultimate tool for creating captivating videos: Canva templates! With a plethora of templates to choose from, you’ll find everything you need, whether you’re crafting a video to share in class or seeking an easy-to-use solution for student video assignments.

Similar template: Video Collage

Canva Templates for Communication

49. Infographics

Infographic sheet

Search for pre-populated designs that match your information needs, or choose from a stunning array of functional templates to easily customize with your own data. Perfect for enhancing classroom procedures or establishing meeting norms with your fellow educators.

Use this template: Cute Infographic

50. Social Media Posts

Parent meeting sheet

As technology and social media continue to shape our society, it’s time to level up your communication game with families on all platforms. Why not start by using a captivating template to share details about upcoming parent-teacher meetings? Keep families engaged and informed in style!

Use this template: Parent Meeting Facebook Post

51. Weekly Parent Newsletters

Canva template for a weekly classroom newsletter.

Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten! I can just imagine you all sitting on the edge of your seats, eagerly anticipating the arrival of this spectacular weekly parent newsletter that’s sure to make communicating with families feel like a walk in the park—and perhaps even bring a smile to your fellow teachers’ faces!

Use this template: Weekly Parent Newsletters

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