22 Ways To Bring Some Calm to Your Classroom Decor This Year

Get ready to feel zen.

Calm to classroom feature

We all know the classroom can be a bit chaotic at times, so it is vital to incorporate calming elements. Endless to-do lists, walk-throughs, paperwork, student behavior, IEPs, and standardized assessments can undeniably lead to stress for both educators and students. Luckily, however, we think you can regain some of that inner peace by transforming your room with a calming classroom theme. We rounded up plenty of affordable finds that will add some Zen to your classroom while looking good too. Let it help you (and your students) calm the chaos of day-to-day school life.

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1. Less means more

Calming classroom theme can include blue paint like the walls of the classroom pictured.

Sometimes less is more, so consider a classroom without all of that extra decor. Furthermore, studies show that too much clutter or use of wall space can bring anxiety to students and negatively affect their learning. If you are allowed to paint your classroom walls, consider a calming color rather than a stark white. We think that wall color especially can change and soothe a whole environment.

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2. Hide the clutter

Classroom with white chairs and desks. A white cube storage unit is also shown with wicker baskets inside each cube in this calming classroom theme.


It is a known fact that most teachers are hoarders. But you do not need to get rid of it—just hide it better! Walmart has great, affordable storage solutions such as this storage organizer and these storage cubes.

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3. Cover harsh lights

A tent is setup in a classroom. Overhead flourescent lights are covered with brightly colored fabric covers.

School fluorescent ceiling lights can give off a rough glare and an annoying flickering sound, and they are downright hideous to look at. These tranquil blue fluorescent light covers are a hot trend right now. Not only do they dim the harsh light, they also give off a soothing vibe and are made of a heat-resistant fabric.

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4. Breathe in the calm

Oil diffuser in classroom

Fill the classroom air with a natural fragrance using an oil diffuser. You can add aromatherapy essential oils to the diffuser to emit a more powerful scent into the air. Lavender oil is known for its calming effects on the mind and body.

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5. Use soft lighting

Lighting is important in a calming classroom theme like the warm string lights pictured hanging from the ceiling of a classroom.

Bring the ambiance of the classroom to a calming state by softening the lighting in the room. Consider lamps or LED string lights to brighten the room. These alternatives are much easier on the eyes and will assist with your calming class vibe.

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6. Create a homey atmosphere

Calming classroom theme can include lighting the two table lamps and one standing lamp shown in this classroom.

There’s no place like home. Most kids feel comfortable at home, so why not bring some home decor into your classroom? Plug in a few table lamps and floor lamps to give your classroom living-room vibes.

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7. Add a cozy rug

Cozy rug as a calming classroom theme idea

Vinyl and linoleum floors can make classrooms feel uninviting. Looking for quick fix? Add a cozy rug to help kids relax.

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8. Neutralize bulletin boards

Wall with text reading "Adventures Await!"

Toss out that old bulletin board decor! Upgrade to neutral-color bulletin board sets. Look for blacks and tans; those colors are not bold enough to overwhelm others and you can incorporate them into future classroom themes.

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9. Add eucalyptus effects

Room with plant details. Sign says Calm Corner.

Eucalyptus is said to have a soothing aroma that brings a sense of relaxation to the body. This can calm both teacher stress and student anxiety. Even if you cannot bring a real eucalyptus plant into the classroom, bring on the plastic plants! They can still provide relaxing vibes. Plus check out these fun ideas for a eucalyptus-themed classroom.

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Learn more: Pinterest/Teacher Resources

10. Try comfortable flexible seating

Classroom with brown couches and a white papasan chair

Being able to relax, lounge, nap, and feel comfortable is what tends to bring a sense of calm to people. Let’s channel this into our classroom! Consider flexible seating options that allow your students to feel more comfortable in their classroom. Student engagement is guaranteed to increase.

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11. Get cozy with weighted lap blankets

A little boy sits in a classroom with a weighted lap blanket on his lap.

You cannot soothe the energy of the classroom without calming resources and sensory outlets for your students. Some kids may benefit from an opportunity to use a weighted lap blanket.

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12. Create a calm-down space

Classroom corner with calming decor and wall posters

Consider creating a calm-down area—a relaxation space that’s always accessible for student use. Stock it with stuffed animals, SEL books, and other sensory resources.

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Learn more: PretotheK/Instagram

13. Offer students fidget toys

Classroom corner with fidget sign

One way to help students stay calm and focused is to let them use fidget toys. Here are our picks for the best fidget toys for the classroom, or try these ideas for DIY fidget toys.

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14. Use plants for decor inspiration

A bulletin board is covered in plant decor

Nature is calming so why not bring the outdoors into your classroom with cute plant-themed decor? Buy some plant-themed bulletin board cut-outs, or if you’re feeling crafty, make your own! We highly recommend using muted shades of green and brown throughout your classroom so it really feels like you’re out in nature.

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15. Install a Worry Wiper

A fake plant is beside a box that says worry wiper.

We love this idea so much! No one is calm when they are full of worries, so why not shred those negative thoughts into oblivion? Buy a super-affordable mini paper shredder, then add a little sign that says “Worry Wiper” and you’re good to go!

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Learn more: auermania/Instagram

16. Create a tranquil reading corner

A book says I am peace: a book of mindfulness.

Transform your classroom library by loading it with books about peace, love, self-compassion, and anything else that promotes calm. Be sure to keep the area relatively clutter-free and maybe incorporate some comfy seating and neutral colors so your students will feel a sense of peace while reading. Plus, check out our list of classroom reading nooks we love for inspiration!

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Learn more: Happy Camper Classroom/Instagram

17. Incorporate yoga practices and mindsets

Yoga as a calming classroom theme. Several high school aged students are seen doing a yoga pose that is projected onto a screen.

One of the many benefits of yoga is stress relief, so we think any classroom could benefit from a steady yoga practice. Regardless of the age of your students, they can engage not only in the physical act of yoga but the tenets that promote peace and compassion. It is a great way to introduce the concepts of mindfulness and positive thinking while also getting in some exercise.

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18. Hang some curtains

A bulletin board is bookended by some fun curtains on the windows of a classroom.

Although most classrooms have windows, very few utilize curtains in their decor. Curtains can make a classroom feel more homey and inviting for students (and teachers too). Whether you choose a fun print or something more calming like a solid blue, you can’t go wrong with some attractive curtains in your classroom. You can also grab some pretty ribbon to use for tie-backs too.

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19. Play some soothing music

Calming classroom theme can be music as shown by this little boy sitting listening to music on earpods at a desk in a classroom.

Music just makes sense for a calming classroom since the benefits of playing music in the classroom are well documented. You can use a smart device to play music throughout the classroom or you can let students choose from a variety of music they can listen to with their headphones. You can also play soothing nature sounds. Plus, check out some of our favorite relaxing music videos for the classroom.

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20. Designate a Zen Zone

Two stools sit at a workstation that says Zen Zone.

Since self-regulation is such a valuable tool to have both inside and outside the classroom, it only makes sense to set up a small space in your classroom just for that purpose. We love the idea of giving this area a cute name like the Zen Zone so students know what to expect there. Fill it with hands-on activities students can do while checking in with themselves about how they are feeling.

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Learn more: Miss Jacob’s Little Learners

21. Try a mountain theme

Calming classroom theme of mountains. The walls are painted blue and mountains are shown on the walls in green and blue.

Since mountains call to mind fresh air and vast horizons, we think they are the perfect calming classroom theme. We love the subtle blues and greens used throughout the third grade classroom at Core Inspiration.

Buy it: Mountain Bulletin Board Roll at Amazon, Mountain Bookends at Amazon, Moving Mountains Bulletin Board Decor at Amazon

Learn more: Core Inspiration

22. Create a safe space

A saucer chair sits beside a small table with a basket of books. A sign reads Your feelings are valid.

Teacher Jillian Starr calls the safe space in her classroom Australia since that’s where the main character in the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day wants to move. We especially love her use of a letter board to put a changeable, positive message up for her students. Buy a cozy chair, side table, and rug so students feel wrapped in warmth in their safe space.

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Learn more: Teaching With Jillian Starr

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A calming classroom theme will get your students to focus more, leading to a more calm day for you as well!