24 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With Broken Crayons

Make them whole again!

Things to Do With Broken Crayons

We all know the lure of a fresh box of Crayolas with those pristine wrappers intact and perfect sharp points lined up in rows. But don’t toss the broken crayons lurking at the bottom of the old pencil box just yet! You won’t believe the incredible crafts you can make from them. (Not into crafting? Learn how to recycle your crayons instead.

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1. Melt broken crayons into new ones.

Broken Crayons

Melting broken crayons down and molding them into new ones is so easy you’ll be surprised you’ve never tried it. Kitchen Table Classroom has directions for this simple process. You’ll need molds (silicone is best) to be used just for making crayons; here are some of our favorites.

2. Make letter name crayons.

Personalized crayons that spell out your name? What kid wouldn’t want these? Use silicone letter molds, like these from Amazon , to create inexpensive gifts for the kids in your life.

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3. Pass out Earth Day crayons.

Broken Crayons

These Earth crayons aren’t just cute, they’re also a terrific Earth Day craft! Transform broken crayons into blue and green rounds with this thrifty and Earth-friendly recycled project.


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4. Turn broken crayons into candles.

After all, crayons are made of wax! These will smell like crayons when they burn, of course. So if you don’t love that scent, just use a small number of crayon shavings to color traditional candle wax instead.

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5. Spell it out with crayon letters.

Broken Crayons Cleverly Simple

These crayon art letters make a terrific inexpensive teacher gift. They’d also be great on a classroom or bedroom wall, don’t you think?

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6. Hang colorful crayon ornaments.

Can you believe all you need to customize these fillable ornaments is crayon shavings and a hairdryer? You can hang them on a tree, or display them in a sunny window year-round.

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7. Cook up some vibrant salt dough.

Broken Crayons

Substitute broken crayons for food coloring in your salt dough recipe for the most vivid colors you’ve ever seen! Hit the link for the how-to.

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8. Spice up your slime.

Broken Crayons

This is such a cool new twist on slime. Crayon shavings add flecks of brilliant color, making it more fun to play with than ever.

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9. Paint rocks with melted crayons.

We absolutely love this unique take on the painted rock trend! Note that kids might need a little supervision with this one since it involves heating rocks in the oven. 

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10. Use a glue gun to make wax seals.

Broken Crayons

Bet you didn’t know a glue gun could do that! Crayons fit perfectly in the slot for mini glue sticks. Drip a few drops of wax, and press a seal into it if you like. It will make your mail extra special! (Tip: You’ll want to get a cheap glue gun to use just for crayon projects.)

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11. Drip melted crayon art pictures.

Explore pointillism with this neat project that’s excellent for using up broken crayons. Melt the crayons carefully over a candle flame, or try using a glue gun as shown above.

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12. Use the power of the sun to melt crayons.

Don’t feel comfortable around open flame? Use the sun instead! Set a piece of wax paper on a metal cookie sheet out in the sunshine. When it heats up, color on the wax paper with crayons to create a masterpiece. 

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13. Assemble a wax paper lantern.

Broken Crayons

Use your wax paper art to put together a charming little lantern with wood craft sticks. You can also make the wax paper panels in a time-honored way, using crayon shavings and an iron.

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14. Light the night with melted crayon luminaries.

Here’s one more version of the classic crayon and wax paper project: luminaries. Use white paper bags for the base, then add broken crayon shavings, top with wax paper, and iron. Punch holes for extra illumination.

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15. Make wax-resist leaf rubbings.

Broken crayons are terrific for taking old-fashioned leaf rubbings. Kick this craft up a notch by using a white crayon for the rubbings, then layering watercolors over top. The wax resists the paint, creating soft muted designs.

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16. Wear a sandpaper printed t-shirt.

Sandpaper printing is such a clever trick, your kids will want to make a whole wardrobe of shirts printed with their designs. Learn how to make the magic happen at the link.

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17. Transform broken crayons into jewelry.

Can you believe that this lovely little pendant is made from broken crayons? It’s true! Learn how to make one yourself at the link.

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18. Hang the most vivid wall art.

Broken Crayons

You’ve probably seen these gorgeous melted crayon canvases before but never got around to making one for yourself. Now’s the time! Grab a hairdryer and melt away.

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19. Craft a melted crayon silhouette.

Broken Crayons Epbot

Use broken crayons to outline a silhouette of just about anything, like this incredible piece featuring Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World. The link has a detailed video to walk you through the process.

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20. Build broken crayons into a mosaic.

Broken crayon mosaics are simply amazing. They take a little time and planning, but the example shown here was a collaborative art project by kindergarteners!

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21. Carve crayon sculptures.

It takes concentration and attention to detail, but talented fingers can make some pretty incredible crayon carvings. Don’t be afraid to give it a try; the only thing you have to lose is broken crayons!

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22. Protect your tables with crayon coasters.

Broken Crayons

These thrifty coasters are easy to make, and a coat of Mod Podge helps them last. (Don’t use them under hot beverages though; they will melt.)

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23. Dress up a pumpkin with broken crayons.

Pumpkins don’t have to be spooky, as this delightful example proves. Melted crayons lend a cool abstract look to this fall decoration.

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24. Decorate Easter eggs with melted wax.

Broken Crayons

Try something new with your Easter eggs this year: When you take the hot eggs out of the boiling water, quickly dry them off and drizzle crayon shavings over them. They’ll melt into spectacular and unique patterns.

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24 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With Broken Crayons