Students need to build SEL skills such as social awareness and self-management to set them up for success both inside and outside the classroom. Integrating an SEL activity with these skills allows students to feel more confident in themselves and more connected to their classmates.

The activities in Britannica Education’s SEL Activities Guide make it easy to teach curriculum content along with SEL in a way that can save time, help students make better connections, and keep instruction flowing. Learn about relationship building through types of media in language arts or examine the legacy of a figure in history while discussing self-awareness. The guide provides a four-step framework to help make curriculum connections that will ultimately strengthen resilience and community in your classroom.

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Students will learn 5 core SEL skills:

1. Relationship Building

Engage in meaningful conversations using images, and work collaboratively with classmates on issues they care about.

2. Self-Awareness

Examine cultural elements and challenges faced in the lifetime of a notable figure. Then, discuss personal emotions about their story.

3. Social Awareness

Think critically about the perspectives of others through images and videos. A graphic organizer will help determine values and beliefs in response to the media.

4. Responsible Decision-Making

Dive into the choices made by the founders of the United States, and make connections to individual decision-making choices.

5. Self-Management

Brainstorm what to do when faced with hardships after reading about the challenges of Malala.

How will my students benefit?

  • Supports healthy relationships inside your classroom and in real-world experiences
  • Increases self-awareness to strengthen confidence and communication among students
  • Fosters compassion and empathy by understanding different perspectives

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