Pens and Supplies Every Teacher Wants In Their Stocking

Your teacher bestie’s dream stocking stuffers are here.

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Teachers love their pens and office supplies. We are known for color coding our lesson planners, jotting down notes and reminders all day long, and getting super creative with markers to design inviting classroom doors and walls. If only our students would stop “borrowing” all our supplies! They do have a tendency to disappear. This is why a teacher’s favorite gift is pens, markers, and all the office supplies. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite BIC® products for holiday shopping inspiration! Buy for your teacher bestie, yourself, or to stock the classroom.

1) The BIC® 4-Color™ Retractable Ball Pen

Bic pens 

There are so many ways that students can use the Bic® 4-Color™ Retractable Ball Pen . We know that color coding helps students organize their thinking while making connections and showcasing their ideas visibly to others. We love how students can engage with a text and mark up their work with one tool, instead of four!

2) BIC® Gel-ocity® Original Retractable Gel Pen Spinner

BIC Coupon Gel Pens

We love gel pens, and they are at the top of our holiday wish list! We are planners by nature (we love our checklists and to-do lists!). This set of 24 gel pens on a retractable spinner has all the gel pens a teacher will ever need. Not only will it look cute on your desk, but there are also so many pretty colors. Buy and save this set just for you.

3) BIC® Wite-Out® Brand EZ Correct® Correction Tape

We all have students who want to “get it right.” Nothing frustrates these students more than misspelling a word or making a mistake, especially when they write in pen. We love correction tape because it keeps students from starting over and saves us time cleaning up a mess (yes, we have spent way too much time scraping liquid Wite-Out off our tables). 

4) BIC® Color Collection by Intensity® Fineliner Pens

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Teachers would love to find these beautiful pens in their stocking! They pair nicely with an adult coloring book for the perfect holiday gift. It turns out that coloring can help you stay present and relax your mind. We love these Fineliner pens because they won’t bleed through most paper. 

5) BIC® Xtra Smooth No.2 Mechanical Pencil

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You can never have too many pens and pencils. Teachers know to buy them in bulk as writing utensils especially have a tendency to disappear. This is why giving teachers a restock over winter break is such a good idea. After all, there’s nothing worse than a student who can’t get started with an assignment because they are searching for a pencil and trying to borrow from a neighbor. We love mechanical pencils because no sharpener is needed! As for pens, these are our favorites because you buy ten, and get two for free!

6) BIC Kids® Coloring Combo Pack with Coloring Markers, Pencils, and Crayons

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We are big fans of keeping things as simple as possible right now, which is why we love this coloring combo pack. You get a set of colored pencils, markers, and crayons for just over $5.00. Also, check out that adorable packaging (who doesn’t love smiley faces?).

7) BIC PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Ball Pen 

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This classic style pen has an EPA registered antimicrobial agent molded directly into the pen. This helps suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, mildew, and fungi on the pen. They are available in select retailers now.  You can also find them online here.

To celebrate teachers this holiday season, Bic® is giving away a case of BIC® PrevaGuard™ Clic Stic® Ball Pens to ten lucky teachers! Click here to enter!