Best Teacher Blogger Awards 2012

We are pleased to announce the results of our first annual “Best Teacher Blogger” awards! Sixteen amazing edu-bloggers caught the eye of our nominators and editorial team, and we want to share them with you so you can laugh, save, […]

We are pleased to announce the results of our first annual “Best Teacher Blogger” awards! Sixteen amazing edu-bloggers caught the eye of our nominators and editorial team, and we want to share them with you so you can laugh, save, learn, and be inspired by their diverse voices. Be sure to let them know that WeAreTeachers sent you, and look for them here as future guest posters.

Know another blogger who is worthy of our award? Please contact us and we will put them in our pool for consideration in 2013. 

Penniless Teacher
From the nominations: “The Penniless Teacher Blog alerts teachers via several platforms of giveaways, discounts, and contests that will benefit teachers in the classroom. These updates and notices are spread far and wide and must take countless hours to find and share with others. She continuously updates throughout the day to provide information on who won and what new contests are available. Lately, she has begun hosting monthly giveaway parties to help provide additional incentives and opportunities for teachers to benefit from her current associations with businesses and vendors that work for schools. This has become my go-to blog for information on grants and contests when trying to find resources for my classroom.”

Ms. Jordan Reads
From the nomination: “Ms. Jordan puts a ton of time into prep work on her posts but they are relevant to her work and share good tips for other reading specialists. She also is very selfless in promotion of her other teacher resources when she offers a great deal of content there as well. Ms. Jordan also serves as a technology expert in her district, so that understanding comes across in her work here as well.”

Vocab Gal
From the nomination: “The Vocab Gal says she wants to add ‘Vigor and Vim’ to vocabulary instruction and that’s exactly what she does. Her vocabulary activities and games have been a huge success with my students. Not only have her vocabulary downloads changed the way I teach vocabulary, but I use her Author Interviews to show my students why words are so important. Finally, she integrates the Common Core Standards into every post.” 

The Organized Classroom Blog
From the nomination: “Practical-use teacher tips for the classroom. Videos, DIY ideas, Pinterest boards, and more, all for teachers!”

An Educator’s Life
From the nomination: “I love the resources and ideas that this educator shares on his site. I also appreciate the fact that he is willing to highlight other teachers and share their resources as well. He is a wonderful teacher who gives his all for his students and it shows.”

Mrs. P’s Ed Tech Talk
From the nomination: “It showcases many ideas, links, and resources regarding both Elementary classroom materials as well as Educational Technology. It is a new blog by a teacher who has almost 8 years of elementary teaching experience.”

Noggin Strain
From the nomination: “Focuses on what’s right and wrong with public schools, especially high schools. Data-rich with links to sources throughout. Focuses on correcting misconceptions about education with useful information for parents and teachers. Author takes on some controversial issues: sports in high schools, cameras in schools, charter schools and timid administrators.”

Inspired Class
From the nomination: “This blog has so many pictures and ideas for ways to incorporate hands-on learning in lessons for middle-grade students.”

The University of Texas Elementary School
From the nomination: “We feel as parents that we have found the ‘holy grail’ of schools. Absolutely wonderful! The blog is a reflection of our school.”

Teachers With an Attitude
From the nomination: “Dianne is a realist and still is able to infuse humor, compassion, and positivity throughout her blog. She clearly celebrates her student’s thinking and their daily escapades showing the world that hers is a classroom where students feel safe; feel valued; feel loved. The best of all is that Dianne does not sugar-coat, yet is able to find the best of it all!”

Beyond Chalk and Talk
From the nomination: “Besides all the informative posts, I really appreciate the blogger’s effort in sharing all kinds of teaching and assessment materials. This blog deserves this award as it has made a lot of teachers’ lives easier.”

Instructional Technology Solutions
From the nomination: “The best thing about my Blog is the ability to share my passion for Instructional Technology and EdTech innovations with other educators. My hope is for Instructional Technology Solutions to be the place where educators from around the world come to learn the latest trends, tips and tricks. I am a student, EdTech educator and lifelong learner. My desire is to inspire and motivate other educators to create rich learning environments where students will thrive and excel through collaborative efforts.”

Mull Over Things
From the nomination: “Great resource of Ed-Tech tools and ideas from an experienced teacher.”

Mastodon Matrix Experience
From the nomination: “I like that it is mostly student-created. Students in the 6th grade are sorting through matrix acquired around a Mastodon dig site. Students, on their journey through this process, are taking pictures, asking questions to local experts, and blogging their experiences and observations.”

Hopkins Hoppin’ Happenings
From the nomination: “I love to showcase positiveness. I write a positive Friday post about my subbing experience every Friday. I also like to share other fun ideas for K-6 to help for review with tests, to get to know each other, team and class building activities, hands on activities, games, centers, and more!”

Teaching Is a Gift
From the nomination: “This blog was created not just for teachers of gifted students but for all teachers! It has lots of great tips and ideas and all the downloads are FREEBIES!”

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