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8 Awesome Principal Blogs to Start Reading Today

Blogging can help principals inspire not just schools, but communities.

principal blogs

On these eight awesome principal blogs, school leaders share their passions, knowledge and plans for transforming schools.

1. Reading by Example, Matt Renwick

We love Matt’s blog because he does everything he can to show how he makes changes that work. He showcases his teachers in his blog posts and clearly loves children and reading.

principal blogs read by example

2. Leading Motivated Learners, Dr. Tony Sinanis

Tony’s blog is awesome because he is so honest. From his post about feeling isolated as a principal to the one about how he grew up to be the reader he is today, you’ll learn what it takes to be a school leader.

principal blogs hacking leadership

3. Monday Morning Musings, Liz Garden

We know you’ll be a regular follower of Liz’s blog because she has a way of bringing you right into the school and showing you how she keeps her passion for education alive through Twitter and her writing.

principal blogs monday morning musings

4. PrincipalJ, Jessica Johnson

Jessica’s blog is all about empowering kids and teachers. It’s inspiring to follow along as Jessica shares how she coaches teachers by being their biggest supporter and helps them make connections.

principal blogs principalj

5. Learning Leadership, Dennis Schug

Dennis has an awesome blog that shows how varied his skills and passions are. He writes about everything from coaching to his One Little Word.

principal blogs dennis schug

6. Berg’s Eye View, Seth Berg

Check out Seth’s blog just for his post called “‘Yet’ & the Language of Opportunity,” which explains the importance of growth mindset. His writing will have you subscribing to ensure you don’t miss a post.

principal blogs bergs eye view

7. Ninja Reflections on Education, Todd Nesloney

Todd may be one of the first people who will show you how technology is not a thing but a conduit. His posts about creating relationships with students are absolutely shareable.

principal blogs ninja reflections

8. Steele Thoughts, Danny Steele

Danny’s blog is where you’ll find all the amazing quotes about leadership that you’ll want to retweet.

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principal blogs steele thoughts


Posted by Kimberley Moran

Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and a master's degree in literacy education.

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