The Last Teacher Job-Hunting Post You’ll Ever Need

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The WeAreTeachers HELPLINE has been abuzz with discussions about job hunting, interviewing and getting hired. Spring is hiring season, and our vets and newbies alike are on the prowl!

The discussions inspired this post: a compilation of all of WeAreTeachers’s job-related posts, from getting noticed to acing your interview to starting off your new job on the right foot. We also asked some administrators for their dos and don’ts of the job hunt. So whether you’ve been part of our community from day one or you’re just joining the conversation now, the best of our advice is at your fingertips!

How to Get Noticed

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Administrator advice:
– Mr. Brian Ross, supervisor of English, New Jersey: “Construct your résumé judiciously by selecting the most relevant items in your work and educational history. Include only those things that truly matter. Be sure to proofread your cover letter before sending it, and anticipate the questions so that you can prepare succinct answers that convey your experience and qualifications.”
– Dr. Carol Rosevear, former superintendent, New Jersey: “To stand out at a job fair, look nice, neat, and together, and smile! Your first impression is important. Anticipate questions and rehearse your answers so you can speak confidently. Being articulate is just as important as having great credentials.”

Your Best Interview

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Administrator advice:
– BR: “Be on time for your interview, bring extra copies of everything, ask questions that demonstrate that you have done your research, and don’t forget to write a thank-you.”
– CR: “Talk about your experiences, your successes and what you’d be able to contribute to the school beyond the classroom. It’s important to show that you’re engaged, enthusiastic and reflective.”

Score! You Got the Job! Now What?

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In the Meantime …

Whether you’re subbing, student teaching or just trying to earn some money while you look for your first (or next!) real teaching job, we’ve got you covered.

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Administrator advice:
– CR: “Remain active in your discipline, whether you’re a social studies teacher volunteering as a museum docent, an English teacher writing and publishing, or a science teacher subscribing to and reading a wide variety of scientific journals. Having a demonstrated interest in your field beyond the college transcript will help you stand out!”

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