Cheap and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts. GO!

Get crafty and spread the love!

In preparation for Mother’s Day, some members of our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE community asked about great, simple elementary craft projects. Here are some of the top ideas shared by other teachers.

Embrace Your Green Thumb

Plant seeds in a Dixie cup and it will sprout by Mother’s Day weekend.” —Susan L.

“Turn a handprint into five flowers on a flowerpot. Paint or draw them and paint or draw the flowerpot. Then kids write a sentence like, ‘I love my mom because …’ on the pot.” —Stephanie B.

“I get clay pots from the dollar store (three in a pack) and seeds from there (four for a $1) and kids paint the pot, put the seed packet in the pot, and we pack it in those clear goodie party bags. It costs me about $15 total, and the moms love them!” —Jackie W.

“Put white carnations in water and add food coloring. The color will come out in the flower’s petals. Add a short poem too.” —Heather R.

Bring On the Bling

“In kindergarten, we made “Mom’s First Diamond Necklace”heart necklaces made from clay and a dime in the middle with a cute saying. The kids could also write about their favorite memory with their mothers or any other special female relatives in their lives.” —Lesha F.


Pen and Pencils and Crayons, Oh My!

“Moms love anything with handprints or fingerprints!” —Mindy A.

Coupons! For a chore, a treat, some alone time, a nice meal, movie or a song. With no ‘expiration date,’ Mom can redeem them whenever she wants. It’s cute, simple and cheap!” —Marcie R.

 “I read the book I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joosse and then had the kids pick a color and write a card to their moms using sensory details about the color: I love you the pinkest. The taste of sweet pink lemonade. The color of a spring tulip. The smell of cotton candy … and so on.” —Patty S.

And if All Else Fails … Chocolate

“I buy regular Hershey bars and cut out construction paper squares for the kids to wrap around and tape to the wrapped bars. The kids write a message on the new wrapper and decorate it, add some stickers and they’re done. Plus, as summer approaches, you can often get a six-pack of Hershey bars for S’mores for $2.50. Cheap, easy gift and who doesn’t like chocolate?” —Karen B.
9 Cheap and Easy Mother's Day Crafts

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