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24 Perfect Secret Santa Gifts for Teachers

School supplies always work. Oh, and coffee.

Secret Santa gifts for teachers, including hat and gloves and box of chocolate.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for coworker Secret Santas! Teacher Maria wrote in to the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE with the following Christmas conundrum: “What do I get for a Secret Santa gift for teachers I don’t really know at all? There’s a $25 maximum.”

Here are 25 no-fail ideas from our awesome community of teachers—all of them 25 bucks or less. Happy holidays, everyone!

1. Big pack of Sharpies

Big colorful pack of Sharpies

Sharpies seem to get lost as often as a sock in the dryer, and it can be a bother to go and buy a new pack every so often. To combat this problem, get your Secret Santa teacher a huge pack of Sharpies so they don’t have to worry about going marker-less (at least for a couple of months!).

Buy it: Sharpies 24 count at Amazon

2. Teachers Pay Teachers gift card

Teacherspayteachers gift card- secret santa gift for teachers

Nothing is more classic and reliable for a Secret Santa gift for teachers than a gift card. Get a TeachersPayTeachers gift card with whatever customized amount you choose, and you’re set!


Buy it: Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card at

3. Giant jug of hand sanitizer

Dove jug of hand sanitizer

For the teacher who doesn’t want to have to worry about their students’ hands all over their classroom, get a huge jug of hand sanitizer to combat the germs.

Buy it: Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer at Amazon

4. Spa basket of items from the dollar store

Spa gift basket

Stores like Dollar Tree have great-priced items for you to make your own spa-themed gift basket. Be sure to include items like candles, chocolate, lotion, a sleeping mask, a handheld mirror, lip balm, nail care supplies, and any extra goodies to ensure a relaxing spa day. Check out the Spa Basket list at Dollar Tree for more inspiration.

5. Festive classroom decor

Snowflake mirror cling- secret santa gift for teachers It's snow secret... winter is a blast!

Pick out some cute classroom decor as a Secret Santa gift for teachers that will brighten up their classrooms. Bonus points for going in and setting up the decor when they aren’t expecting it!

Buy it: 55-Piece Winter Bulletin Board Decor at Amazon | 190-Piece Snowflake Window Cling Stickers at Amazon

6. Box of antibacterial wipes

You can never have too many Lysol wipes! Teachers will always appreciate an extra pack or two of Lysol wipes to clean up dust and bacteria from the classroom, and these will definitely be appreciated as a Secret Santa gift for teachers.

Buy it: Lysol Wipes 4 Pack at Amazon

7. Scented candles

Pink candle with lid taken off of it- secret santa gift for teachers

Everyone loves a scented candle, and Amazon has a wide range of scents for everybody. For $13, you’re bound to find a scented candle that is perfect for every teacher or coworker.

Buy it: Chesapeake Bay Candle at Amazon

8. Incense for a Zen experience

Different scents of incense in colored packages

Bring some Zen into the classroom by gifting your Secret Santa teacher some incense. For bonus points, buy an incense holder as well to gift an incense starter kit.

Buy it: Jembrana Incense Sticks – 6 Scents at Amazon

9. Mug with candy inside

Mug with reindeer design on it filled with colorful chocolates

A two-in-one gift! Pick out a cute mug and fill it with your Secret Santa teacher’s favorite candy for a personalized gift.

Source: @schathriftstore

10. Gift card to the local coffee shop

Starbucks gift card with $25 written on it- secret santa gift for teachers

Whether it be to the nearest Starbucks or to the most niche coffee shop in town, every teacher needs some extra bucks for their cup of coffee in the morning, and they will very much appreciate the free caffeine!

Buy it: Starbucks gift card at Amazon

11. Collection of fun finds from Target Dollar Spot

Examples of Holiday festive items from Target dollar section

Target carries some fun trinkets and mini essentials you wouldn’t normally think of, like a mini deodorant for your purse or fidget toys, as well as cute seasonal items. If you have time, go to your nearest Target and pick out a couple of trinkets as your Secret Santa gift.

12. A magazine subscription

Whether it be physical magazines or an e-subscription, this is a perfect gift for the teacher who likes to stay updated on popular culture, sports, baking, or whatever you choose to gift them. Check out this magazine for Curious Minds as a fun option!

Buy it: Interesting Facts for Curious Minds Magazine at Amazon

13. Good chocolate

Box of Truffle chocolates

Everyone loves chocolate. Need we say more?!

Buy it: Chocolate Truffle Box at Amazon

14. Lavender (or otherwise luxuriously scented) hand soap

2 bottles of lavender hand soap

Step up your Secret Santa teacher’s soap game by gifting them a pack of lavender or other luxurious herbal-scented soaps. Whoever receives this gift will be grateful for the peaceful properties of the lavender scent, not to mention the cleanliness the soap provides.

Buy it: Dead Sea 2 Pack Lavender Hand Soap at Amazon

15. Individually wrapped brownies

Individually wrapped brownies in a box- secret santa gift for teachers

Make some homemade brownies and wrap them like a present for a more thoughtful gift. (Or you can buy this pack from Amazon instead!)

Buy it: 12 Pack Individual Wrapped Brownies at Amazon

16. Matching hat and gloves

Teal gloves and beanie

Buy your Secret Santa teacher a matching hat and gloves to bundle up in for the winter. This set on Amazon has dozens of fun colors to choose from, so you will find a match for any teacher.

Buy it: 2 Piece Beanie and Gloves Set at Amazon

17. Wintry scarf

Blue scarf

You can also get a nice-quality thick scarf as a thoughtful and useful gift. Pick out your Secret Santa teacher’s favorite color from the extensive colors at Amazon.

Buy it: Ribbed Thick Knit Scarf at Amazon

18. Cute ornament

Bookshelf Ornament shaped like a heart- secret santa gift for teachers

Does your Secret Santa teacher have a festive personality? Buy them this Bookworm ornament, or a similarly themed ornament, to combine the holiday season with a fun and simple gift.

Buy it: Bookworm ornament at Amazon

19. Dinner in a basket: pasta, sauce, and a CD of Italian classics

Pasta and sauce kit

Round up your extra sauce cans from the last canned food drive or go to your local grocery store and pick up your favorites to make this heartfelt gift basket. Alternatively, check out the Amazon link below to purchase an already-packaged pasta gift basket. Add a CD or mix of festive Italian classics or holiday songs to really make this gift stand out.

Buy it: Giusto Sapore Pasta Gift Set at Amazon

20. Classroom art supplies

Art kit- secret santa gift for teachers

For the creative teacher, or just a teacher who is looking to incorporate some new, engaging art supplies in the classroom, this art kit is cost-efficient considering the amount of supplies you receive, and it is easily organizable!

Buy it: 276-Piece Art Supplies Kit at Amazon

21. Bake a tin of cookies (or give a fruit platter for a healthier option)

Cookie box with wrapped bow

Find a yummy cookie recipe and make some homemade cookies, or buy some pre-made gourmet cookies to impress your Secret Santa teacher. Alternatively, you can put together some of your teacher’s favorite fruits and make a fruit platter.

Buy it: Barnett’s 6 Cookie Chocolates Box at Amazon

22. Festive wrapping paper (you know they need it!)

Santa themed wrapping paper- secret santa gift for teachers

Make sure your Secret Santa teacher gets in the holiday spirit by giving them some festive wrapping paper. This vintage wrapping paper from Amazon is trendy and perfect for any holiday-loving teacher. Throw in some ribbon, bows, and tape, and it’s a pretty and practical gift all in one.

Buy it: Christmas wrapping paper at Amazon

23. A book for relaxing winter vacation reading

Barnes & Noble gift card

If you have a favorite go-to book, purchase a copy as a great Secret Santa gift for teachers. Or gift them a Barnes & Noble gift card and let them choose their own adventure.

Buy it: Barnes & Noble gift card at

24. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Visa gift card

Stack of gift cards

If all else fails, get your Secret Santa teacher a Visa gift card, and let them pick their own holiday gift. This idea is extremely easy but still thoughtful and will be sure to make your Secret Santa teacher happy.

Buy it: Visa gift card at Amazon

Want more ideas? Check out our list for the best coworker gift ideas for teachers!