Free Poster: Here’s Why Audiobooks Work

Put this poster up so everyone knows the facts

Brought to you by Learning Ally

With over 80,000 audiobooks, Learning Ally helps every child access grade-level information regardless of literacy level. Learn more about how you can help your struggling learners. 


No matter how hard learning to read might be, kids still need (and want) to read grade-level content. They also need access to the popular fiction their friends are reading. Audiobooks in the classroom give all students equitable access so they can grow and learn, regardless of visual reading ability.

The “Here’s Why Audiobooks Work” free is perfect for sharing the value of audiobooks. 

Print this poster and put it up:

  • in the front entrance of your school.
  • in your school library.
  • in your town’s library.
  • in any classroom reading spot where kids will see it.


Yes, I Want the “Here’s Why Audiobooks Work” Poster!

A huge thanks to Learning Ally who sponsored this poster because they want every child to learn and love to read. Be sure to check out their resources.

Yes, I Want the "Here's Why Audiobooks Work" Poster!

Posted by Kimberley Moran

Kimberley is a Senior Editor at WeAreTeachers. She has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and a master's degree in literacy education.

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