A Fun Fall Art Project That Teaches Fractions

Welcome the new season with math fun!

Welcome fall by having your students construct a paper tree of fractions! Students create a trunk, branches, and leaves by measuring and figuring out the fractions of their design.

Fraction Tree


What you need:

– Brown and white construction paper
– Rulers
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pencils / felt-tip pens
– Q-tips
– Paint (fall colors)

What to do:

First have students cut a rectangle out of their construction paper for their tree trunk. The trunk represents 1 whole. Once they have their trunk cut out, they cut branches to represent 1/2 and 1/4 of their trunk. They use their trunk and a ruler to figure out what the length and width their branches should be to correctly represent a half and a quarter. Older students could even work with more complex fractions (and percentages).

Once they have their trunk and branches cut out, instruct them to create a tree. Students write the fractions on their tree (see example). They can paste their branches wherever they would like to build a unique tree. Next the students glue their tree on white construction paper so they can add their autumn leaves. They paint leaves with a Q-tip, keeping track of how many times they stamped each color. Next to their tree they record the fraction for each color they used on their design.

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