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Better Alternatives to Teacher-of-the-Month Awards

Dear Rick & Rebecca: I’m writing for some feedback on a Teacher-of-the-Month program that I run at my middle school. I want to recognize exemplary service to the school and innovative teaching strategies. So each month, I select one teacher (or staff member) who gets to park in the spot right near the door. He or she[…]Continue Reading
Line of school buses with Stop signs flashing.

Dear R&R: I Have Arrival and Dismissal Time Problems

Dear Rick & Rebecca: During the first week of school, I had arrival and dismissal time problems. My buses were running super early and many students arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule. I let the kids into the foyer and a few teachers helped out while I dealt with transportation. Apparently, there were scheduling conflicts that weren’t easy to rectify.[…]Continue Reading

Dear R&R: Help With a Toxic School Employee

Dear Rick & Rebecca: I am knee-deep in drama and I believe it is because of one toxic school employee named Leslie, our literacy coach. Jane, a second grade teacher, carries out her running records and guided reading groups exactly the way that she is supposed to and is making meaningful instruction from her informal assessments of the[…]Continue Reading

Dear R&R: How Can School Leaders Balance Fun and Respect?

Dear Rick & Rebecca: I’m preparing for Halloween at my school. Some of my elementary colleagues don’t dress up at all and most of my secondary colleagues rarely do. Last year, I dressed up as a magician and it was a lot of fun. I actually made a few balloon animals in the foyer, too. But, one[…]Continue Reading