7 Sites and Apps to Help Students Apply to College

Demystify the process!

Informing students of solid college-resource tools can help demystify applications and help them take ownership of their journey. Here are seven websites and apps we recommend toward that goal.

1. Take virtual college tours: YOUniversityTV
Summers spent touring campuses are a luxury most students do not have, so they will love the ability to visit colleges virtually all over the country through YOUniversityTV’s online tours. The videos of campuses, campus life, college strengths and culture are informative and entertaining.
Cost: Free

2. Search diverse rankings: U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges
Don’t dismiss this site as simply a list of Ivies. In addition to the numeric rankings, students will find eye-opening lists like Best Value Schools, A+ Options for B Students, Most Innovative Schools and our favorite, High School Counselors’ Top Colleges. Additionally, U.S. News and World Report provides the essentials about every accredited college in the country as well as detailed information about specific areas of study.
Cost: Free

Prep4SAT collage
3. SAT studying via smartphone: Prep4SAT
We love how this app’s practice-test algorithms quickly target test takers’ weaknesses and show students how to build up their strengths. The course adjusts to help students bridge their gaps and score as highly as possible. We like the customization, which bulky books cannot provide. Beyond the savvy programming, the app also provides real live tutors for assistance whenever students need help.
Cost: Free, with in-app purchase options

4. ACT prep on the go: ACT Up
For students intent on acing the ACT, ACT Up provides daily “workouts” that keep students on track for continuous study. The app also clearly tracks student progress in easy-to-understand charts and provides adaptive feedback on all four sections of the test.
Cost: Free, with in-app purchase options such as a $9.99/month premium version


5. Professional feedback on applications: Admit.Me
This site offers professional editing of applications by experts who know the college application process intimately. They provide insight on the application process and applicant goals of individual universities. Assistance with the management of college applications includes all dates, deadlines, recommendations and interviews. It sounds amazing, but it all comes at a price.
Cost: Packages range from $250 to $5.5K for various levels of support.

6. Locate scholarships: Scholly
We always hear that hundreds of college scholarships go unclaimed each year. Scholly helps students find them. This Web and app platform (little trivia: it’s a “Shark Tank” winner) matches students to qualifying scholarships. Using eight parameters, the app delivers each student a targeted list of appropriate scholarships along with their links and deadlines.
Cost: $3

7. Manage multiple deadlines: Edupath College Passport
We are fans of the Task Manager function available on this SAT-prep and college-application resource website and app. Students can enter all of their application information and the Application Manager generates personalized to-do lists for each school to which students are applying. It also provides alerts of school-specific requirements like optional SAT subject tests and supplement essays.
Cost: Free version includes the Task Manager function. Office hours for 1-to-1 assistance are $10 per session, $100 for unlimited, and the personalized College Guide package with a “customized game plan” is $449. 

Do you have a college application resource to recommend? Share in the comments!