4 Resources for the Flipped Classroom

Catch you on the flipside!

In a flipped classroom, students watch videos, listen to podcasts and do background reading outside of class so that the actual time with the teacher can be spent in meaningful discussion, doing collaborative work and trying hands-on projects instead of listening to lectures. Here are five can’t-miss resources for planning your own flipped lessons.

1) TED Ed:

We’ve been fans of the TED video series for ages, and so we were thrilled when they launched an education channel specifically designed for the flipped classroom model. Through TED Ed, you can find TED videos perfect for building background knowledge, customize those videos for your students, and share your lesson plans and ideas with other teachers. Cool!

2) Khan Academy:

Many credit founder Salman Khan for sparking the interest in flipped teaching in recent years. His collection of more than 3,000 videos covers K–12 math, science, and humanities topics. Each video addresses a single concept in a highly visual, engaging and digestible way. A special teachers section helps you best incorporate the videos into your flipped lessons. It’s also one of our favorite math websites.

3) iTunes U:

When you create a course using the free iTunes U software, you can compile all of the podcasts, videos and reading material you want students to access on their own time. Your students simply download the iTunes U app on their own devices and can click to view any of the content. It’s like designing your own interactive textbook for the flipped classroom.

4) Flocabulary:

This online video service began as a way to teach SAT words through hip-hop. Now students can view clips on everything from WWII to multiplication, all set to the music they love. Fun! Get more Flocabulary tips here.

What are your ideas for implementing the flipped classroom model?

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