5 “Outside the Box” Sandwiches to Liven Up Your Lunch Break

Having a ham-and-cheese sandwich for lunch … again? Bored with the same old thing every day but need something easy[…]Continue Reading

Having a ham-and-cheese sandwich for lunch … again? Bored with the same old thing every day but need something easy and quick to eat while you grade papers or run copies during your lunch break? Well, we tell our students to think outside the box when they get bored and can’t think of anything fun to do, so why not look at lunches in the same way?

Try a different bread, sandwich spread or topping combination to liven up your lunch box. These five recipes should get you looking at sandwiches in a whole new light—bagels for the bread, chickpeas for a spread, and strawberries and pecans in a wrap. Now that’s the makings of an “outside the box” lunch box!

Chickpea “Chicken” Salad Sandwich

Try this twist on a classic chicken salad sandwich, my latest recipe onThe Nourished Mama, using mashed chickpeas instead of chicken. It’s a staple in my house for lunches, playdates and party fare, and it’s teacher tested, teacher approved!

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich
Who says bagels and cream cheese are just for breakfast? Top it with smoked salmon, arugula and capers like this recipe from Eat Well 101 and you have yourself a decadent lunch.

Havarti and Roast Beef Panini
Ashley Wagner, a former-teacher-turned-food-blogger shared this recipe on her blog Center Cut Cook. Since everything gets melted together, it makes it the perfect teacher lunch on the run for those busy days when your lunch break is spent working at your desk or running down to the copy room.

Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

OK, I may be jumping the Thanksgiving gun, but how delicious does this sandwich by Melissa at No. 2 Pencil look?! Our favorite fall flavors between a buttery croissant. Mmmmm.

Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad Wrap
The Pioneer Woman.Need I say more? But really, this looks amazing. You might as well pack a few extras, because no one will be able to enjoy their ham and cheese while watching you eat this.

What’s your favorite “out of the box” sandwich?




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Rachel Randolph is a mom to a busy toddler boy and a wife to an even busier high school football and baseball coach. She is co-author of We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook, a food memoir written with her mom, and their upcoming book Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Night’s Sleep (Zondervan, January 2015). She also blogs at www.TheNourishedMama.com and www.laughcrycook.com.